New Rosie For Autograph: Insta-Glow

I hadn’t seen any press releases or even other bloggers mentioning these ‘Insta-Glow’ powders but one day while shopping I spotted these new additions on the Rosie stand in M&S and decided to investigate. Given the high quality of the other products I’d tried from the brand and how much I’d liked the highlighting products especially, how could I not?

Rosie's Insta-Glow

The Insta-Glow ‘Bronzer’

Summer SolsticeNamed ‘Summer Solstice’, for some reason the M&S website lists this as a matte bronzer.
Due the way it’s marbled with such a super-strong highlighter though the product overall is anything but matte! Due to the ‘marbelising’ and the stepped rose shape of the product there is no way you could really use just the darker portion as the two powders are far too closely mixed. In my photo it appears as though there is just one section of paler highlighter but in fact almost the whole surface of the pan is silvery/glittery!
This is absolutely perfect for tanned light skin through to medium tones to give it that boost and healthy glowing look. I think it could look ashy on very dark skinned ladies however it may work as a highlight so do let me know if you try it out on darker skin.

The Insta-Glow ‘Blush’

Summer SunriseNamed ‘Summer Sunrise’ this is really more of a pink toned highlighter than a blush as it has only the sheerest touch of pink to the product when worn. It’s really quite sparkly from the right angle, especially in natural light but not enough to actually blind anyone! This is such a beautiful, indulgently feminine product, what’s not to love?
Again the photo makes it appear as though there are two very separate areas of powder but in real life the entire pan is very finely marbled and glittery. The shimmer particles are silvery and tone well with the pink.

Each of the products contains 10g of the beautifully finely milled product and comes in at £20. If you’re lucky they do sometimes give out promotional vouchers or run offers so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for those.
I can’t help but feel that the plastic globe packaging on these is not quite up to the same quality as the rest of the brands packaging somehow, it feels a little cheap. I get that they wanted to show off the beautiful rose shaped and embossed pans but I’m just not feeling the plastic, sorry M&S! I worry that it will crack if you carry them about in your make-up bag a lot.

All of the products in the range have the leaping bunny symbol on them and are dermatalogically tested.

The Swatches

Insta-Glow Swatches

I had to take this with flash to try and catch the highlight as it’s been very overcast here and while the sun keeps trying to break out from in between the clouds they soon catch up with it and re-imprison it!
You can see a larger version of this swatch and a few alternative images over on my Flickr account here. There are also alternative views of the pans taken under electric light which better show the highlighter in the pan.

These are quite heavy finger swatches and are shown on bare skin with no primer or other base underneath, the pigment is much more sheer and natural looking when applied on the cheek with a brush as intended, especially in the case of the bronze shade.

If you like the dewy skinned, or healthy tanned looks these could well be right up your street!

Have you tried any of the Rosie products? What’s your favourite?

Kath x

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