Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance

This Modern Renaissance palette is my first eye palette from ABH and I’m very pleased I decided to get it. I do love these beautiful warm tones.

Modern Renaissance

I particularly love that this palette is so heavy on the matte shades, making it great for us ladies with hooded eyes. We have lots of choices of crease colours rather than just two or three and it’s also much more usable for every day wear.

Of the 14 shadows a whopping eleven of them are mattes with the remaining three being metallics. The powders themselves blend like a dream for the most part and are soft, finely textured and well pigmented.
Some of the shades did kick up a bit of excess in the palette but I didn’t have any problems if I tapped the brush before going in to use it as I usually do with Urban Decay shadows.

In the UK the palette sells for around £41 which breaks down to around £2.93 per individual pan. This palette was made in the USA.

The palette has a range of warm tones and unusually no plain black or white as a filler which I like. The shades are named after paint colours and other things associated with paint and the painters of the Renaissance period. ‘Primavera’ is a painting by Botticelli and realgar, a type of arsenic, was the only pure orange pigment until the modern chrome orange. We can play “spot the deliberate mistake” though as Vermeer was a later Baroque painter!

  • ‘Tempera’ is a light beigeClose Up
  • ‘Golden Ochre’ is a muted golden yellow tone
  • ‘Vermeer’ is a frosted metallic
  • ‘Buon Fresco’ is a purplish mauve
  • ‘Antique Bronze’ is a metallic brown
  • ‘Love Letter’ is a cool, dark berry
  • ‘Cyprus Umber’ is a warm deep brown
  • ‘Raw Sienna’ is a light golden brown
  • ‘Burnt Orange’ is a light brown-orange
  • ‘Primavera’ a golden champagne metallic
  • ‘Red Ochre’ is a dark red brown
  • ‘Venetian Red’ is a brick red although it can look fuschia in the pan
  • ‘Warm Taupe’ is a medium brown-taupe
  • ‘Realgar’ is a dark orange-brown.

The Swatches

Top Row L-R

Row 1

Bottom Row L-R

Row 2

The Packaging

The palette itself is covered in a velvety material which, based on my experience with the first Urban Decay Naked palette is likely to get grubby. Especially with this one being such a pretty light purple shade. The information on the back of the palette is just on a sticker so if you wanted to you could take that off and keep it somewhere else.

I’ve been keeping my palette in it’s original cardboard box to try and protect it a bit, which is not something I often bother keeping!


The brush is as in most palettes something of a perfunctory addition, it’s not that great. It’s double ended but it’s quite thin and cheap feeling. If you own a set of shadow brushes you probably won’t use it very much.
There is a small mirror in the lid. It’s very small, it might be OK in a pinch but again I doubt it’s something many people will use. It does add to the overall weight and look of the palette though.

Overall I’m very impressed with this Modern Renaissance palette and can see myself using it quite a lot.

Unlike previous palettes from ABH this one is a permanent feature of the line and not limited edition which I’m very glad to see. I’m so over limited edition palettes!

Kath x


3 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance

  1. I’ve been on the fence about this one, simply because I need another palette like I need a hole in the head. I may take another look though, the colours are too pretty.

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