Back to College!

Today was the first day back at college and on my new course!

I’ve been super busy getting ready over the last couple of weeks, making sureCollege Kits I have everything in my kits. Getting them all organised exactly how I want them. I’ve sorted myself out a main kit bag (bottom left) and three smaller bags. This way I can pick up the main bag and a smaller one based on whatever we’re doing that day.

There’s one small one each for casualty/FX/prosthetics, face/body painting, and hair. My uniform has arrived so I’ll be able to wear that tomorrow. I say uniform – it’s a T-shirt and hoodie embroidered with the college logo so it doesn’t feel much like one. The hoodie says “The Academy, Hair and Media Make-Up” on the back. I’ve never owned a hoodie before – can you believe it?

We have two weeks of induction and getting to know one another as a group. We will be doing some bits and bats of fun stuff to stop it from being quite so monotonous! After all there are only so many ice breakers and health and safety lectures people can take…

It’s quite a large class and apparently there’s even a waiting list this year of people who weren’t able to secure a place. Not many colleges do it any more as there are now so many private providers, but of course the private providers are two to three times the price!

There seems to be a real mix of ages in the group. Quite a few younger ones (one a boy) and more adults than I really expected. Of course it’s also great that two of the lovely ladies K and A who were on my beauty course last year are also there.

Let me know if you want me to show you what’s inside those kit bags, I’ll show you what I’ve chosen to pack. I didn’t buy the college kits but rather made my own for everything except hair as I already have a lot of stuff.

Kath x

Do let me know your thoughts!

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