Smashbox Photo Matte Eyes Review

The Photo Matte Eyes palette is a multi-tasking collection of 14 neutral shades usable as eye shadow, brow powder or eye liner when wet.

Photo Matte Eyes

It comes with a fairly comprehensive guide sheet showing a technique for contouring 6 different eye shapes. It explains which shades work best as brow powders for each hair colour and goes through 5 different brow shapes too.  

leafletIt also comes with a double ended brush which unusually for brushes that come with palettes is actually not complete rubbish! It’s very much usable. One end is angled and very useful for brows and the other end is a flat but still quite fluffy brush you can apply colour and do a bit of blending with.

Blending wise it does take a bit of effort as the shadows are slightly on the drier side, and they do kick up a bit in the pan. I’m wondering if this will change over time as you’ve used them wet a few times and then it’s dried again.

The Swatches

I swatched on my bare arm using the angled end of the brush that came with the palette – I wanted to get as many shades as possible into one photo to keep things from getting too confusing!

Photo Matte Eyes

The colours are fairly subtle and there’s quite a bit of cross-over between the brown shades in the palette. They are quite buildable though which is good. You can’t see ‘Vanilla’ very well against my skin but it is there – it’s almost exactly the same colour as I am which makes it perfect for setting my eye primer. photomattewetlabelled

The black shade is more of a charcoal until you wet it to turn it into a liner. I’ve shown two of the shades here wet, also on my bare skin and done with the angled brush from the palette – the brush is a bit too thick for doing liner but it would be great for doing brows.
It’s only really the darker shades that benefit from adding water like this, the lighter ones don’t change much or at all.

If you’re not in Photo Matte Eyes Minineed of quite this many shades of  brown they have also released a mini version of the palette with just 8 shades in it. I don’t have this one, but the mini-palettes usually have the same quality as the big palettes. To the right is the stock image from the Smashbox website.


The palette comes in at £38 which works out at £2.71 per pan and the two all-over base/blending shades (always the first to run out in a palette!) are double sized pans too. If you count each of those as two then it becomes just £2.37! Amazing!

I think this would be a great palette for travelling with as you would only need the one palette for a daytime eye look, and your brows. It may even be an addition to a make-up kit due it’s multi-functionality. I’m seriously considering swapping out the BH Cosmetics brow palette I have in my own kit for this right now!

Late UK Releases

Smashbox only recently released the Photo Matte Eyes palette here in the UK whereas it’s been available in the US for several months. It’s becoming quite annoying that we are not getting products until months after the American market. We only got the colour correcting sticks in the last few weeks too.
Always On Liquid LipThe liquid lipsticks all the American bloggers are going on about are only available online here. I asked on counter and they’re not due out in the shops here until January! I have heard that the full release may get brought forward because of demand though. So if you want them on counters, keep putting pressure on them on their social media. Smashbox Cosmetics UK Social links: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Do you like matte eye shadow palettes? What’s your favourite matte palette?

Kath x

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