The Avant-Garde Weave

It’s been so good being back at college! While it’s mostly just induction for the first two weeks we have had the chance to do a couple of bits of practical. I thought I would share one of the ones I liked most here.

Avant-Garde WeaveIn the hair class I was really thrown in at the deep end! After learning some very basic sectioning on the fly I went straight in with this avant-garde weave style.
avant-garde weaveThis was my result on the freaky plastic head.
Not bad for someone without a clue with hair eh? It’s not great as the hair wasn’t long enough on the head I was using to get the sections to fan out very well but I think I managed to make her look OK! She just needs some avant-garde make-up to match now.

We also did a cut finger make-up using wax which you can find over on my Flickr. Here’s a direct link to photo. If you’re not into gore, don’t click that link!

Something else that I did this week was sign up for an evening a week doing a level 3 nail certificate starting next month with my same tutor. Am I crazy? Probably. But I have wanted to learn how to do acrylics for a while now. I have ordered the kit and once I have learned the basics I’ll be asking my friends to let me practice on them!

Have you learned anything new or done anything a bit crazy lately?

Kath x

Do let me know your thoughts!

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