3 New Limited Sleek i-Divine Palettes

Sleek cosmetics have released not one but three limited edition i-Divine palettes this month, one exclusively at Superdrug, one at Boots and one only on their own website. There are also three new shades of Lip VIP which you can find at the end of this post.

Limited Sleek i-Divine Palettes
Don’t worry if you don’t have either of those stores though as all three are available online via the Sleek website.

All of the palettes feature 12 pans in a range of seasonal shades. I have two of them here to show you and full swatches of both, I didn’t order the third (‘Nordic Skies’) as I didn’t think I would wear the paler more wintery shades in that one personally and I didn’t need them for my kit. Sorry! It doesn’t seem that long since the Whimsical Wonderland collection but this year has really been speeding along!

Goodnight Sweetheart

i-Divine Goodnight SweetheartAmong the twelve pans here are 3 mattes & 1  gorgeous duo-chrome shade called ‘Snuggle’. I’m on the fence as to whether or not ‘Love Is In The Air’ is duo-chrome as well, what do you think if you have the palette?
This palette has a warm, autumnal and feel to it and a romantic theme. This is a fairly neutral palette overall but with a slight twist to it from the brown/green duochrome shade ‘Snuggle’ which contrasts well with the warm plum and brown tones in the rest of the palette. Many of the shades in this palette do seem very close to one another in some lights however so I have placed them more close together to be able to show the differences. I’m still not happy with these swatches!

Top Row Bottom Row

On The Horizon

On The HorizonThis palette is rocking 4 mattes among its collection of beautiful brights. No duochromes in this one unfortunately for those of you that love your two-tone shades.

This is, however, my favourite of the three new palettes. It has the most mattes (yay, crease shades!) of the two here in front of me and is the one of the three I think you can create most different looks from with the varied shades available.

Top Row Bottom Row

Nordic Skies

i-Divine Nordic SkiesI think there are 3 mattes in this palette but do let me know if I’ve miscounted! This palette has a collection of muted winter colours. This is the palette that is available from the Sleek online store only – one for the collectors among you!

If you really want me to order and swatch this palette drop me a comment and I will think about ordering it just for you guys as I don’t think there are many swatches of these palettes out there yet.


The outer packaging on these is so cute, they look almost like bars of chocolate – it’s a shame to put the cardboard in the recycle bin!

Sleek i-Divine palettes come in at £8.99 each which works out at just 75p per shade. In my humble opinion they are one of the most pigmented high street brands of eye shadow and they have an enormous range now too! One of the things I love about Sleek is that they cater to everyone, all skin tones and ages while remaining such good value for money.

New Lip VIP Shades3 new shades of Lip VIP have also been launched at the same time as these palettes – I believe they are permanent parts of the collection.
UPDATE: Here are the swatches of all three; ‘Icon’, ‘Elite’ and ‘Paparazzi’.

What’s your favourite Sleek palette or lipstick? Are you a collector of their palettes?

Kath x


Do let me know your thoughts!

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