Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Splash Toner

Hydra-Splash TonerThis toner is an alcohol free toner for normal to dry skins. When I found it at a reduced price I popped it into my basket to give it a whirl!

Elizabeth Arden produce a wide range of anti-ageing skincare items. Some of them are well established and very well-known such as the ‘8 Hour Cream’ and others newer innovations.

Also available from the brand is an alcohol free ‘Skin Balancing’ toner for combination skins.

Hydra-Splash Toner

The very first thing I notice about it every time I use this toner is the fragrance. It’s a lovely, fresh and even relaxing fragrance but it is quite noticeable. On deeper inspection of the ingredient list it does include the mysterious ‘parfum/fragrance’ as well as a couple of other notable fragrance ingredients such as citronellol and linalool which must be listed separately. If you are sensitive to fragrance ingredients or have sensitive skin in general I would give this one a miss.

It feels very cooling on the skin but it can sting if you happen to have a spot or any other abrasion. The ingredient list states witch hazel extract but does not state whether this is distilled or water based extract. If it is distilled it could be sneaking alcohol into the product which would explain the notable cooling effect. Alcohol can cause skin dryness so is very much an unwanted ingredient in the majority of skincare preparations. It’s best to avoid it and use only where it’s absolutely needed. Dry skin looks duller and older!

It’s aimed at drier skin types and its addition of hyaluronic acid and castor oil definitely reflects that. This will also be helpful for more mature skins as well as those that suffer with dryness or dehydration.

For those of you who choose to avoid parabens and silicones unfortunately this is one to avoid as it contains both.

All In All

For myself this is a nice toner that feels nice on my skin after cleansing and has moisturising benefits. My skin definitely seems more plump after a couple of weeks using this daily. As a result, I’ll probably re-purchase this if I come across it for a good price again.

There are lots of reasons why certain types of people wouldn’t get on with it and one ingredient I really want to learn more about.

Have you come across any new alcohol free toners?

Kath x

Do let me know your thoughts!

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