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Arbonne Perfecting Liquid FoundationLike many women I’m always looking for the Holy Grail of foundations. I often use different products depending on how my skin is behaving or how much coverage I need at the time too.

Having never tried any products from Arbonne before I was flattered to be offered the chance to try a few out. I’m going to share some of my favourites with you starting with the ‘Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15’ in the shade ‘Porcelain’.

The foundation comes as a 30ml airless pump and costs £34 which is comparable price wise with higher end brands most of which come in at around the £30 mark and often require a separate pump e.g. MAC & Nars. The product is made in the USA so you know the people making it were properly paid.

Shade Range

There are 15 shades available ranging from Alabaster to Espresso and there are options for both cool and warm skin tones. I have swatches of four of the shades here including my best match of ‘Porcelain’. If you’re a pale lady in search of your perfect shade I would definitely suggest giving ‘Alabaster’ or ‘Porcelain’ a bash.

Arbonne Foundation Swatches

Coverage & Wear

The product has quite a thin consistency but provides excellent medium to full coverage coverage in one thin layer. I wore this on a day I had broken out without doing any colour correcting underneath. I didn’t feel the need to do very much concealing after using it compared to using other foundations that sell themselves as being full coverage including those at the high end.

Because you don’t need to pile it on, just a very fine layer does so much it feels like you aren’t even wearing any make-up!

I set the foundation with Urban Decay’s De-Slick powder and it stayed in place all day without budging. Even my more oily areas such as my nose and forehead were still well covered at the end of the day so I was very happy with the product and would definitely re-purchase it.


15033654_1038302959612437_1609251167_nThe foundation is silicone based so will work well with any silicone based primer. I do think it was an odd choice of base ingredient for Arbonne who do go on quite a lot about not using artificial ingredients but it is certainly one that works. Many top brands use silicone as a base as silicone based foundations last longer and are more waterproof as well as providing a more flawless look.

Also in the mix here are ingredients more commonly found in skincare products. Hyaluronic acid, retinyl palmitate (pro-retinol) and ribose as well as several plant extracts and a peptide! Not many foundations could claim to be doing your skin good while you wear them but I think this one just might. It also has a built in SPF to go with the pro-retinol. One thing I would advise is not to use another retinol or pro-retinol containing product during the day with this unless you’re quite used to it already as you could get some irritation.

Who Are Arbonne?

If you haven’t heard of Arbonne they are originally a Swedish company who have been around for 35 years. Their products are unique to them, and are all certified vegan so do not contain any products or by-products. They are listed by PETA as being fully cruelty free. The company also refrain from using any parabens or phalates in their products which I know many people do try to avoid.

Downsides of this foundation for many will be the price as well as the fact that you can’t just wander down to Boots or where ever on the high street and buy it. You do have to buy online or find a consultant, but who doesn’t like getting parcels eh? I know I do!

You can buy online via the Arbonne consultant I got my products from at

Kath x

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