2016 Favourites (and Failures!)

For this post I’ve come up with 4 products I have loved this year and another 3 I have disliked and thrown or given away.

It’s quite disappointing that I couldn’t find more make-up ‘loves’ out of all the new products that came out in 2016. The consumer brands all seem to be producing the exact same things as one another, endless ‘dupes’ and copying – it’s all a bit well, meh.

Then there’s the fact that there are only so many contour palettes with dozens of shades anyone needs  *cough*the answer is none!*cough* Banana powder will never suit pale ladies no matter how hard the now multiple brands producing it try to push it. In 2017 – lets do something different huh?


2016 FavouritesAnastasia Beverly Hills; Modern Renaissance Palette
A collection of well made mostly matte shadows with some more unusual shades in it’s range for a consumer brand. The shades are well curated and the product is easy to work with.
One of the most expensive palettes in terms of product amount that the brand has produced but then they made this one in the USA, where people get paid actual wages… ahem. For a more detailed review and swatches go here.

2016 FavouritesTarte; Lights Camera Lashes
I’ve mentioned this in a favourites once before, but I’ve now gone through about 3 tubes of the stuff so I think it’s definitely a winner for me. It never gives me clumps, it adds volume and of course colour. The wand combs the lashes out beautifully. I don’t ever want to be without this holy grail product!

2016 FavouritesThe Body Shop; Vitamin C Skin Reviver Instant Smoother
This is skincare that doubles up as a make-up primer. It helps brighten the skin with it’s vitamin C rich ingredients and contains silicones to smooth out pores and prepare the skin for make-up. I like to use this all over and then a thicker pore filler on real problem areas only.

2016 FavouritesSuper Facialist; Pro-Biotic Overnight Skin Recovery Cream
Another one from Una Brennan’s amazing range at Boots. I adore this when I’m having a break out or my skin is feeling dull and lacklustre and needs a bit of TLC. It’s not heavy at all despite containing shea butter and a little goes a long way.


2016 FailuresKat Von D; Tattoo Liner
Yes, the very one so many bloggers sing the praises of. I truly think it’s terrible. The long brush tip has an extreme learning curve so you won’t get that perfect point right away. You won’t need to worry about any special products to get it off at the end of the day like some liners, no, this one will be on your cheeks by lunchtime, probably earlier if you have watery eyes. Forget it Kat.

2016 FailuresNYX; Full Throttle Shadow Sticks
I was immediately attracted to the bold matte colours – both unusual thing to see in this kind of product and I really desperately wanted them to work. They didn’t. They were patchy within half an hour and large sections missing soon after. So disappointing as this means they are really only any use for the lower lid where there is little to no movement. Seriously NYX, pull your socks up!

2016 FailuresColourpop; Creme Gel Liner
It wasn’t a good sign when it was nigh on impossible to remove the lid when it arrived. After several attempts and the use of a burly man we finally got the pot open. It wasn’t worth the effort. The product is dry and unworkable, even my best brushes cannot get anything good out of this crap. I’m sure plenty people have received good ones but ‘bad batches’ are a problem a lot of companies need to sort out and stop having, seriously. It’s unprofessional and speaks to a business model of churning stuff out without thought let alone quality control.

What were your 2016 loves and loathes?

Kath x

Do let me know your thoughts!

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