Sugarpill: Feline Fancy

This ‘Feline Fancy’ palette and lipstick set was a limited edition released in the US for Valentines day. It took a while to reach UK stockists so I only got it this month!Sugarpill Feline Fancy

I was surprised to find that even though these are red/pink shades they are all 100% vegan as well as the usual cruelty free you expect from Sugarpill. Sugarpill shadows are made in the USA and these 4 pans are 1.45g each the lipstick is 5.4ml.The set comes in at USD $48 and sells for around £38.50 in the UK. Sugarpill liquid lips usually sell for around £15, so if I take that much off that leaves the eyeshadow palette at roughly £23.50. Using that number to work out the price per pan, I get £5.88p. Fairly steep considering their standard pans are 3.5g.

The Shade Swatches

Sugarpill are known for their bold and unusual shades. At first glance this palette might not seem to fit that mould. Once you swatch the shades and see the shifts in the light, you know it does! I don’t have anything else quite like these. I only wish my swatches did it any justice:

Feline Fancy - Swatches

Left to right:

  • S.W.A.K.  – Foiled rose pink with a gold duochromeFeline Fancy
  • WINK – Foiled pink champagne
  • TEXT ME – Warm matte brown
  • KISS KISS – Foiled red with an orange undertone
  • STRANGE LOVE (Liquid Lipstick) – Deep metallic oxblood red with gold sparkle

All four shadows are beautifully soft and finely milled. The shimmery metallic shades are all very effective with good colour pay-off although the pink and red both appear more orangey on my skin tone than in the pan.
For the matte brown shade I ended up doing a second swipe of my applicator over the top to get it to show up well. This gives me confidence that it will work well with primer and be great as a transition shade.


I’m definitely going to give the rose pink shade S.W.A.K. a go on the cheeks for blush as I think that could produce an interesting effect when it catches the light and the pink shines through. WINK will make a great pink toned Strange Lovehighlighter for those nights you really want to shine.

The liquid lipstick has a very distinctive fruity smell and taste, according to the Sugarpill website it’s creamsicle scented. Being a Brit and having no idea what a creamsicle is I’ll have to take their word for it!

It’s one of the most comfortable fully drying matte liquid lip formulas I have ever tried. I honestly thought this would get chucked in the back of the drawer like so many others have done in the past (with the exception of a couple including Beauty Bakerie) but no, this will definitely be getting worn! I am barely aware I am wearing it and it stayed on despite the amount of water I drink.

Sugarpill Feline FancyThe powders can also be patted on top of the lipstick (or another!) to change the tone, foiled and duochrome shades are quite fun to do this with.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with this fun little set although I do think the price point is a little steep. The pressed shades can be used not just as eyeshadows but as blushes/highlighters (possibly not for cool toned ladies, sorry!) and the liquid lipstick is super comfy and sparkly.

Have you tried any Sugarpill products? What looks have you created with their bold shades?

Kath x

Do let me know your thoughts!

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