I Made A Wig!

Unit 335Just a short update today but I really wanted to share a couple of photographs of some finished work with you all here.
I made a full wig for a unit assessment at college.

My work was graded at a distinction so I obviously did something right!

Thank you to B my amazing hair model.

Making the Wig

I Made A Wig!Making the wig was an adventure of knitting yarn, polystyrene balls, loose synthetic hair and hot glue! Also in there are two pairs of bamboo knitting needles and some buttons.
There is a stretchy cap for a base onto which everything is attached.

It was lots of fun to make and really allowed me to let out my crafty side. It was nice to let my other hobby cross over into this domain a little too.

The Make-Up

The make-up was kept fairly simple with defined eyes, a pink blush and lip. I used a few small buttons to create interest as freckles on the cheeks which was really effective.

The Finished Look

Finished LookIf you look carefully you might notice I even brought a prop for the photograph!

I would have preferred better lighting for the photographs but this was the best we could find in the salon. Not too bad though eh?

At the start of the course I had zero ability or experience with hair or wigs so I’ve clearly learned a lot despite my bendy hands getting in the way frequently.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments,

Kath x

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