Anti-Haul! AKA What I’m Not Gonna Buy

Anti-haulAnti-hauls are a trend that’s taken off on YouTube thanks to the amazing and socially conscious vlogger Kimberly Clark. If you haven’t checked her out on the ‘tube you really should, she’s one of the few channels I subscribe to.

So these are the products and brands that came to mind as things that for one reason or another I am not going to buy! I don’t have a theme for this selection it’s just what came to mind or is bothering me at the moment. So without further ado, these are what I’m not going to be buying:

Benefit Porefessional Pore Minimising Make-up

Benefit Porefessional MakeupI tried this on counter while I was out shopping. The product its self is like water it’s so thin, I’m left wondering if this is meant to be foundation (which it sounds like from the name) or primer or what. It didn’t visibly minimise any pores at all, all it did was feel smoother to the touch which is not the effect we’re after let’s face it. With a pathetic 5 shade range and a price tag of £26, ‘ll pass on this one Benefit.


Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill

The newly released palette from drama central. You Tube drama llama Jaclyn Hill who was not so long ago ditched by Becca cosmetics has teamed up with shady social media brand Morphe to release this 35 shade limited edition palette. You could almost guarantee the palette was going to have drama couldn’t you? Yeah like clockwork. Price drama ($38!), formula drama, sold out/not sold out drama, shipping cost drama… I’ll pass.

Ofra x Nikke Tutorials Collection

OFRA x Nikkie Tutorials I was hoping there would be at least something I would like in this collection but there’s just nothing here that I would be able to wear in terms of lipstick colour with my skin tone (orange and brown especially would not work for me) and I really don’t like powders with multiple colours in the same pan like that so I’m passing on this one, sorry Nikkie!

Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter Palette

Urban Decay Afterglow

This new highlighter palette is not going on my shopping list as looking at the shades they’ll be more like shiny bronzers than highlighters for my pale skin tone. The only one I’d get any use from for myself would be the pink shade and I already have something quite similar looking. £27 is not too bad a price point for this though so no complaints there.

Too Faced Smelly Palettes

Stinky Peach CollectionAfter my previous experience with a Too Faced chocolate palette I will never be falling for these gimmicky products again. The smell is so strong it actually makes me nauseous and it never has dissipated enough to make it usable. I think I’ll just have to give it away! The shadows are nothing to write home about for the money and can easily be matched or beaten by ‘drug store’ level products such as Makeup Revolution. This is a case of high hype and high price not high end or even high quality for me. Leave!

Violet Voss Matte About You Palette

Violet VossI’m pretty cheesed off with this whole social media brand. Their shadows are the same quality and formula as Morphe so why do they charge twice the price? They are still selling their Holy Grail and Drenched Metal palettes despite the fact that they were meant to have been limited editions. This is another shady social media brand and I’m not putting any more money in their pockets for this, their ‘Ride or Die’ palette or the blush/highlight palette they have brought out.

Well, I think that’s plenty for a blog version of an anti-haul! I quite enjoyed getting that off my chest. If you liked the post let me know, I might do it again some time but with a theme to stick to! What are you not buying at the moment?
Kath x

Do let me know your thoughts!

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