Jouer ‘Springtime In Paris’ Palette Review + Swatches

Jouer 'Springtime in Paris'I bought the Jouer ‘Springtime in Paris’ a while back and have been umming and ahh-ing about posting a review.
This was something of an impulse purchase based on hype around the brand, the images and the good reviews it was getting elsewhere.
When it came, as soon as I opened the box I noticed that the shades seemed very different to those shown in the Jouer pictures. The blue in particular is much less saturated than shown in many of the promotional images (although I have to admit it does photograph well it’s actually quite muted). This was not a good sign.

Jouer 'Springtime in Paris'This palette contains 12 shades and costs £35 in the UK, working out at £2.92 per pan. The palette says it was made in the USA.

It contains mostly neutral shades along with a few bright pops of colour including a blue, a purple and pinkish red tone.

Product Performance

Now, on their website Jouer cosmetics claim their formula is “long-wear,” “highly pigmented“Jouer 'Springtime in Paris' and “crease resistant.” I have to disagree with all of these somewhere in this incredibly inconsistent palette.
While a couple of the shades were indeed well pigmented and blendable, others had little colour pay-off, sheered out easily or were surprisingly powdery for the finish. I have never before in my life experienced such a powdery shimmer as the blue shade ‘Midnight’. Looks I have created with the palette have faded fairly quickly and unevenly relative to other cost equivalent products and some of the shades apply patchily to start with even over the best primers.
I’ve never felt the need to wet my brush to apply shimmers before as I don’t buy low quality shadows (at least not if I can help it), but it was the only way to make some of these usable in my opinion.

Springtime In Paris: The Swatches

Swatched on bare skin using an applicator. You can click on the images to enlarge them.

Jouer 'Springtime in Paris' Swatches

  • Creme: A warm creamy vanilla shade, pretty good.
  • Petal: A neutral ballet pink shade. Apparently, I can’t see it on me.
  • Mauve: Warm medium mauve. Very patchy but can be built up.
  • Aubergine: Warm mauve-purple. Requires a lot of building.
  • True Gold: Metallic light gold. I had to wet my brush when using this on my eyes as it was just so sheer as to be invisible otherwise.
  • Camel: A warm light brown shade. Best shade from this first half as it applied evenly.

Jouer 'Springtime in Paris' Swatches

  • Midnight: A cool muted blue shimmer. The powderiest shimmer I’ve ever had the misfortune to use. Truly awful.
  • Rouge: A warm pinkish-red shade. It actually looks pink in some of the brand photos. This one is nice, best shade from the second half of the palette.
  • Cinnamon: A warm chestnut shade. Another powdery shimmer but better pay-off than with ‘Midnight’.
  • Ash Brown: Neutral black-brown shade. Powder and prone to sheering out.
  • Amethyst: A cool purple shade. Dusty again for a shimmer, patchy application.
  • Slate: A cool blackened-grey shade. Looks black on promotional images. Requires some building to get good coverage.

Do click through for a look at the larger images where you can zoom in and see just how powdery some of these are.


Jouer 'Springtime in Paris'Would I repurchase this? Not in a million years! I also have no plans to try any of their other products after this abortion. At high end prices I expect better quality than this. High street (drug store) brand Makeup Revolution produce much better quality shimmers for £10 a palette for Christ’s sake.
It so beautiful to look at, it’s a shame that only two or three of the shades are really of any quality. I really wanted to like this!

Have you had any disappointing purchases of late? Let me know in the comments.

Kath x

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