Huda Beauty: Desert Dusk

Huda Desert Dusk Palette

The long awaited sequel to the Rose Gold palette finally arrived on the 18th of September. I’ve been using it since it arrived the day after and feel ready to give you all my opinions on it.


The palette contains 18 shades including 8 mattes 6 “pressed pearls”, 3 duo-Huda Desert Dusk Palettechrome “toppers” and 1 pressed glitter.

The palette costs a whopping £56 which works out at £3.11 per pan – sounds less shocking when you think about it in those terms huh?

The Swatches

Swatched on bare skin with no primer applied. Click on the images to enlarge, it’s worth zooming in to see how badly the toppers apply without a sticky base – even using a finger which is something I dislike doing for hygiene reasons.

Desert Dusk Swatches

  • Desert Dusk SwatchesDesert Dusk SwatchesDesert Sand,
  • Musk,
  • Eden,
  • Amber,
  • Blood Moon,
  • Oud,
  • Celestial,
  • Nefertiti,
  • Twilight,
  • Amethyst,
  • Royal,
  • Retrograde,
  • Cashmere,
  • Angelic,
  • Cosmo,
  • Turkish Delight,
  • Saffron,
  • Blazing.

I found the mattes to be quite bendable and to have good pigmentation with the notable exception of ‘Amethyst’ which was patchy and required a lot of building up. However as I have been using them I have noticed the matte pan develops an odd gritty texture to its surface as if the powder hasn’t been finely milled enough for the pressing. Many of the mattes also have a very slight sparkle/glitter in them which may relate to this, and hopefully it is purely a cosmetic issue. The sparkle is not enough that you would ever notice it when wearing the colour on the eye.

What I really would have liked in this palette is a darker version of Musk which is cool toned. There’s no darker cool tone so if you want to make a feature rather than a transition shade out of this particular colour (and it’s lovely enough to pair well with two or three of the metallics) you will need to grab another palette as well to supplement.

The “Toppers”

The glittery topper shades do have a lot of fall out, especially the shade ‘retrograde’ which dropped enough to cover my entire cheek! I recommend adding these last and using an additional glitter glue or glitter primer with them. I would also recommend doing your eyes before your foundation so you can clean up any fall out.

Used over matte shadow alone you really don’t get the best out of them, buffing them into a cream shadow really allows the duo-chrome pigments to shine through. “Retrograde” is especially bitty and unimpressive without a good sticky base. It’s name seems appropriate as on first use of it you may feel like you have to go back to the beginning!
The swatches below really show the difference between a sticky base and a matte shadow as well as different colour bases:

Huda 'Retrograde' Huda 'Twilight'


Oddly the pressed glitter shade which you might expect to have fallout from I found really quite easy to use. It’s quite tacky by its self and I just patted it on with a flat brush, the fallout was minimal. It’s not as delicate in the pan as some YouTube reviewers were making out either. They must have been being rough with it. Yes it’s soft but no softer than anything else in the palette really – a lot of these are very soft formulas just as in the first palette.


This is a very interesting palette and I think makes warm tones slightly more accessible to people who might otherwise think they “can’t wear” them. The purples help ease you in as do the sparklier shades which are made up of a variety of different shades, which makes them suitable for most eye colours and skin tones.
Would I personally repurchase this palette? I’m on the fence. I love shades like ‘Oud’ which is very pigmented and easy to work with but the duochrome toppers require a lot of effort for me to get the best from them.

Have you tried the Desert Dusk palette? What were your opinions?

Kath x

Do let me know your thoughts!

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