Life Update

Life UpdateI haven’t been updating my blog properly because I’ve been so busy with uni! My first year has been a blast and I’m currently in the last stretch before the final hand in dates and our end of year show. I thought it was about time I popped on to give you all an update.

I’ve made the decision to transfer over from studying Special Make-up Effects to Fine Art for my full degree course. I’ve made this decision for several reasons, I’m enjoying the fine art based parts of the foundation year such a lot, especially printmaking which is something I have never had access to before. Class sizes are much smaller in Fine Art than in Special Make-Up Effects too so I am able to make more of the time available. Also contributing to the decision are health factors that I need to manage; my PoTS has gotten a lot worse of late meaning I can’t stand much at all even with crutches so this is going to be much more accessible while still being a useful way forward for me. And finally, after seeing a top FX artist who I won’t name at a make-up event I overheard him saying that he wouldn’t consider employing anyone with a degree in special effects make-up, I asked him about this and he gave several well thought out reasons including that the most up to date techniques are not taught.
Between all of these factors I think the swap is the best option for me, if my health does not improve in the longer term I will still have creative options and if it does then I know who to speak to about a short course in the most recent prosthetics techniques.

I can’t believe that the ‘year’ has gone so quickly – but then of course, a university year doesn’t actually last that long!  When my exhibition is up I’ll take some photographs and do a post. I do hope you all like art as well as make-up? If so I’ll do a post about my recent trip to Bilbao in Northern Spain which included visits to two different galleries including the Guggenheim.

Kath x

Do let me know your thoughts!

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