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25913141583_7db57159d2_zI’m Kath, I’m ‘bendy’ and have a passion for make-up, nails and all things fabulous! An enthusiasm that I wish to share here with you on ‘Bendy Beauty’.

I’m a qualified beauty therapist and make-up artist. I’m currently studying Hair & Media Make-Up level 3 to add some more strings to my bow and  satisfy my fascination with effects make-up.

My journey as an artist, however, is littered with obstacles. I have Hypermobile Type Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS), and gastroparesis as well as some other irksome symptoms.

These friends of mine (I use the term ‘friends’ loosely!) give me a unique insight into the practicalities of products and techniques for those with similar conditions. If you’re unsure about a product and need an opinion, ask me! I’m honest and I’m beholden to no one!

I am thinking about my options for next year but am not convinced that my body will be able to cope with a full time university course. Even with the level support I have at college other areas of support will no longer be available to me.

In BlackpoolI’m also  a wheelchair user but I don’t let that stop me from living my life. I’ve always done my best to get on with it in spite of my EDS and the severe chronic pain it causes.

I was born a lanky marfanoid piece of string with a club foot and grew up with multiple health problems. I developed PoTS symptoms as a young teenager but I didn’t get my diagnosis until I was much older. So many doctors are just not aware of these conditions, something the HMSA hope to change.

For more information on my lovely ‘friend’ Ehlers-Danlos syndrome check out the ‘My Conditions’ section of my blog and please do visit The Hypermobility Syndromes Association (HMSA). They are a charity close to my heart and for whom I volunteer.


If you want to contact me you can find me on social media (@bendy_beauty on Twitter) or email me on bendybeauty@gmail.com

If you’re interested in collaborating with me, go to my media pack here.

Blog Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed on this blog are entirely my own and are provided here for informational purposes only. I can make no guarantees about the suitability of any product referenced or reviewed here for anyone other than myself. Any reliance placed on these reviews by you is done so solely at your own risk. Nothing on this site shall be construed as providing dermatological, medical or other such advice. You are always advised to seek the advice of a qualified professional (eg. dermatologist or GP) should you have any such concerns. I have no connection with any product manufacturers, brands or companies unless stated otherwise. I purchase all of my own products unless stated otherwise. My reviews and opinions are always entirely my own.

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    1. I’ve always been arty and loved to craft and create, it took me a while to discover the face as a canvas though! I got more interested in make-up a few years ago through a friend and and discovered how I could change myself from looking sick to looking however I wanted and things kind of snowballed from there. It’s hard work struggling into college to get certified but I’m determined x

  1. Hi. I have been viewing your old photos on Pininterest of Little Hulton. There is a group on facebook called Little Hulton old and new. almost 5,000 members. Thought you might be interested

    Philip Macdougall

    1. I’m a member of one called ‘Little Hulton Now & Then’ and ‘Growing up in Walkden & Worsley’ but unfortunately I can’t find the one you mention? I’m quite interested in genealogy and look pictures of where family members lived/worked if I can find them.

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