Max Factor Masterpiece Nudes

These are the three great little Max Factor palettes that I mentioned in my Younique review a few days ago I wanted to show you.
I got the Rose Nudes palette first having been very impressed with the in store tester, the shades on the far right of that palette in particular really sealed the deal! I liked it so much I slowly collected all three colour options:

Max Factor Masterpiece Nudes

The three palettes are 01 Cappuccino Nudes, 02 Golden Nudes, and 03 Rose Nudes. The first two are both in the more expected brown neutral range while the second really runs with the rose idea – this is the palette Maybelline wish they had produced when they made their ‘Blushed Nudes’ palette and completely failed!

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Bobbi’s Journey With Arthrochalasia EDS

To round off EDS Awareness month for 2016 I have my first ever guest post!

This post is by my amazing friend, the lovely Bobbi of Ring Splints by Zomile who has the rare Arthrochalasia Type of EDS. When EDS is covered in the media it’s usually sufferers with my own type which is the most common form of the syndrome.

Arthrochalasia EDS – My Story

13249466_10157066185330226_1204906323_nI’m Bobbi, I have Ehlers-Danlos type 7 – now called Arthrochalasia Type along with associated conditions and rheumatoid arthritis.
There are believed to be only around 40 confirmed cases of arthrochalasia EDS in the world, which I suppose makes me pretty rare!
Ehlers-Danlos is a connective tissue disorder and there are many types all of which share some complications. The severity of the illness can vary greatly from person to person and type to type.
I have known all my life I suffered with this rare syndrome. When I was born My Mum said she knew I would be trouble, how little did she know! I was born breach like a small package; all parcelled up, arms and legs and head folded in like a ready packaged chicken. My Grandma commented that I looked like a Pekingese dog which sounds funny but actually I had a very tiny little face with big eyes and my skin was so loose and wrinkly it was as if I had skin two sizes too big. It was said at first that I was very overdue, but that quickly turned out not to be the case. I just had the cutis laxa type appearance of wrinkly see-through veiny skin all over my body.

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Benefit Haul

21028742110_9f1ea1190f_zToday I have a little haul from my local Benefit counter, new release ‘Air Patrol’ which is eye BB and primer in one with inbuilt sunscreen, ‘High Brow Glow’ a more reflective version of their under-brow highlight pencil, and ‘Roller Lash’.
I also received a free ‘Air Patrol’ themed make-up bag with my products – very handy!

I’m hoping that the shinier version of ‘High Brow’ is more effective. I’ve had the original version for some time and never really got on with it for highlighting or lifting the brow, this one shows much more promise. I often use the original to brighten the corners of my eyes instead so I did find an alternate use for the product!

Update: For me the ‘Air Patrol’ is not a great primer. My powder eye shadows still crease fairly quickly when I use it. Am I doing something wrong? Who knows but this is not a winner for me so far and I’m mostly using other products. One of the big upsides to ‘Air Patrol’ is the SPF, more eye products really should contain it!

GlossyBox August 2015

I recently started a Glossybox subscription and my first ever box arrived so I thought I would share it here with you.

19948813844_13f30054db_z (1)

Inside the pretty pink box were 5 full size products all waiting for me to discover them:

SASS Purifying Cleanser, RRP £7
Not the best product to pull out of the box first – I do hope they don’t promote products like this regularly. Ladies, vulvas are supposed to smell like vulvas. If you smell unusual go to the GP, don’t buy a fancy wash! There are other products in the SASS range that do sound like they might be useful, but this one? Not so much.

MeMeMe Lip Glide in shade ‘Playful Peach’, RRP £6.95
I’m a big fan of lip crayons and this one is wonderfully smooth with great colour pay-off. I also like that it’s slim rather than ‘chubby’ as it makes it easier to get a good line on the lip. The shade is really not me though, it totally clashes with my skin. I would buy this in another shade.

NAOBAY Calming Face Toner, RRP £10.65
A beautifully refreshing alcohol free toner from this Spanish family brand, has a light gentle fragrance that’s very hard to describe. I’ve only used it a couple of times so far but I’m very happy with it and will be using it whenever I am in need of toner or quick refresh.

Emite Artist Colour Powder Blush in shade 108, RRP £20.50
GlossyBox are calling this product a ‘blunzer’ – i.e. a cross between blush and bronzer. The product does look a little dark in the pan which is quite scary for many of us pale ladies but a small amount of this matte look product actually looks rather fabulous.

Manna Kadar Lash Conditioning Primer, RRP £14.55
A lash primer that is supposed to nourish my lashes at the same time as providing a base coat for better mascara application – well you’ve got my attention! It definitely seems to help with mascara and a coat of this followed by mascara definitely looks better than just tons of mascara.

Overall I’m quite pleased with how much product I got for the price paid and it’s great to discover brands I had never heard of or seen before. I’ll definitely be carrying on with this and comparing it to my BirchBox subscription over time. for more information on GlossyBox beauty boxes.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky

20353558765_19d51585ef_zIt’s here! It landed in the UK on counters and I have one! We’ve all been excited about this palette for months.

So, what’s it like?
I love the packaging, it’s much sturdier and heavier than the previous Naked palettes and has a magnetic closure. It’s actually even more beautiful than we’ve come to expect from UD – they’re going to find it hard to follow this one! It is a bit big to take out and about with you though.
The shadows themselves are, for me, a little bit chalky (particularly the mattes) and do produce fallout depending on20165554138_6b889b5021_z your brushes so it’s worth doing your eyes before your foundation with this one. The colours though are a gorgeous array of deep but still neutral shades. There are some shades I am totally in love with, those being ‘Password’ which is an absolutely perfect contour shade, ‘Armor’ which is probably the most glittery shade in the whole palette and ‘Smolder’ with it’s delicious plummy undertone. I love that there’s a lot of matte going on in this palette, matte shadows are great for adding depth to the eye and are especially handy if you have hooded eyes as you don’t want to draw attention to the hood by covering it in glitter.
Unlike previous Naked palettes this one comes with a little step-by-step guide  to producing a couple of different eye looks using the shades in the palette.

Did you get a ‘Naked Smoky’ palette straight away or are you waiting to see how other people get on with it first?

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette £38