US Make-Up Haul

With the help of an enabling friend I have received quite a few new items from the US this week and wanted to share my haul. I have left a couple of items off as I want to use them for other posts but most of it is here!


As you can see there are a mixture of high end and drug store products in this haul – all are things not available in the UK (or in the case of the UD palette website exclusives that are constantly out of stock!)

Urban Decay, Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette
25863646653_4eaa7d44e0_mI’d been trying to get this in the UK for quite a while having been coveting it since before Christmas and was about to give up all hope of ever getting one having been checking the Urban Decay website religiously for weeks with no luck, it was always out of stock. When the opportunity arose to get it sent to me from the US I grabbed it with both hands! Boy am I glad I did, it’s beautiful! I also love the idea that the packaging is re-usable once the product has run out; the pans are on a tray which lifts out to reveal a velvet lining so you can turn it into a jewellery box! The shades are true Urban Decay, bold, bright and shimmery. My particular favourites are ‘Madness’, ‘Evidence’ and ‘Voodoo’.

Kat Von D, Lock it Concealer in ‘Light 16’
26374013482_9ab9598a36_mAfter having fallen for the foundation a while ago – it has seriously the best pigmentation I’ve ever seen in a liquid foundation – I had to try the concealer.
I do like that it’s in a handy squeezy tube, no pump that puts out too much product or stupid doe foot applicator (seriously though, why do companies insist on using those for dispensing product? It’s not hygienic and wastes tons of product that you can’t get out of the bottom.)
I’m really hoping that this concealer lives up to the brand’s reputation and doesn’t fall down after the foundation was so good.

Kat Von D, Liquid Lipstick in ‘Lolita II’
26440419646_ec1c777756_mI already have a few shades of KVD’s liquid lipstick including the first ‘Lolita’ shade. This new version of Lolita is much redder, leaning towards terracotta compared to the current formulation of ‘Lolita’.

Colour Pop, Ultra Satin Lip in ‘Toolips’ & ‘Frick N Frack’
26375170392_34fec2b186_mWould you believe these are my first ever ColourPop lipsticks? I know!
These promise to be comfortable and non-drying, that’s very nearly a holy grail liquid lipstick if it’s true! I’ll certainly be giving these a thorough testing.

Burt’s Bees, Lipstick in ‘Lily Lake’ & ‘Juniper Water’
26401364621_4f7700b5c3_mI seriously don’t understand why these aren’t available in the UK. As far as I can tell pretty much every other Burt’s Bees product is but not these. It just doesn’t make any sense to me!
Anyway, these are lovely soft moisturising sheer lipsticks with a hint of sparkle to them. ‘Lily Lake’ is a brownish mauve while ‘Juniper Water’ is a deep burgundy red shade.

Maybelline, Color Tattoo Crayon in ‘Lilac Lust’ & ‘Lavish Lavender’
26401310541_404d4dd9dc_mColor Tattoo is a product line we only get about half of in the UK. We don’t get all of the colours of the cream product (most stores have only 4 or 6 shades) and we get none of the loose powder shadows at all. Since they brought these out in the US this is another Color Tattoo product we simply don’t have in the UK! What are you playing at Maybelline?
Just like the original pots, once set these shadows are not going anywhere. I tried my best to smudge my swatches but they wouldn’t shift even with a bit of moisture. I can’t wait to wear them!

The Swatches


L-R: KVD ‘Lolita II’, CP ‘Toolips’, CP ‘Frick N Frack’


Burt’s Bees ‘Lily Lake’ & ‘Juniper Water’


Color Tattoo ‘Lilac Lust’ & ‘Lavish Lavender’

 All of my swatches are available to view in larger sizes over on my Flickr account

I haven’t swatched the Urban Decay palette as it’s not a new release and loads of other people have probably already done so but if you want me to do a post with swatches for Urban Spectrum do let me know and I’ll get right on it!

Paperchase Serengeti Range – Zebras!

I mentioned in my post about Manchester Made Up that I had found a few great zebra themed items in Paperchase and that I would do a short post to tell you all about them.
For those of you that aren’t aware, the zebra is the mascot animal of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and as a result many of us with EDS collect zebra themed items. We might collect them because we love zebras or because people buy them for us on a regular basis – some EDSers have even been known to get fed up of the whole zebra thing!
I love cute zebra items but don’t feel the need to wear zebra print absolutely all of the time or have absolutely everything with a zebra on it – I have to actually like the item or have a use for it.


So, the range Paperchase have brought out with zebras and Aztec inspired patterns (bit of an odd combo but it works!) is called ‘Serengeti’.
I got this adorable money box and some incredibly, awesomely cute little salt and pepper pots all in the shape of zebras, yes those little dinky zebbies dispense salt and pepper! Salt is often very important to people with a hypermobility syndrome such as EDS as many of them, including myself have secondary PoTS. Now we can have a cute little zebra reminding us to put plenty salt on our food to keep us upright! As soon as I saw these I knew I had to have them.

26241973835_1a8d189e5d_mI ended up going back to the store to get the journal and pen from the series.
The ‘Ideas Journal’ has several different types of pages aimed at helping you keep track of ideas as they come to you. Great for planning blog posts!
It also has some pages with squared paper so very handy if you enjoy crafts such as knitting, crochet or cross stitch – you could copy down a chart you are working from to carry it with you more easily or design your own as part of an idea!

I’ve since found a whole heap more covetable items on the Paperchase website that I didn’t see in store – and thank God or I would likely have been taking out a mortgage! I can see me being a regular customer while this range is in store.
Here are some images from the website of some of the other items:

00550327 images 00552106
paperchase_fa3b1660d21c11e5a1920aa7306b6b64 00552104 paperchase_3cd4eec4cfa211e58f8d0aa7306b6b64

Are you a bendy who likes zebra items or do you avoid them at all costs?

Beauty Bay Haul: My First Make-up Geek!

Beauty Bay Haul


I really can’t believe it took me this long to get around to trying some Make-up Geek shadows but I finally did it! I got two regular shadows, two foils and a loose pigment powder shadow. I also ordered one of their contour powders because they are true cool toned contour shades and not just bronzers repackaged unlike many brands I can think of!

24614182143_66beb6c36b_mShadows are ‘Cherry Cola’, ‘Petal Pusher’, ‘Mesmerized’ and ‘Showtime’, the loose pigment I chose is ‘After Glow’.

I’ve got a bit of thing for burgundy type shades at the moment so Cherry Cola is right up my street in this respect, I cant wait to dive into these and see what looks I can create! I think we all know what I’ll be doing with myself tonight… The foils are so beautiful I’m already tempted to order more but that will have to wait!

25214663786_c9a0c85565_mAlso in my parcel was a steel palette for use in makep artistry, somewhere to place products that have been removed from containers with a spatula and somewhere to mix custom shades of makeup. It will come in very handy on Tuesday when I do my colleges ‘Look Based on a Theme’ competition. I’m quite nervous and excited about the competition but whatever happens I’ll be sure to blog about it. Ill be practicing all weekend I should think to make 100% sure I can do it in the time allowed.

Back on the topic of my Beauty Bay order, a free sample of Mario Badescu cleanser and toner were included with my order. The cleanser seems ok and I may try it out but the toner is coming nowhere near my face! I tested it’s pH and it was actually alkaline, only just, but still. It also contains the drying kinds of alcohol in large amounts as do many of the products in the range. For more information about toners see my ‘Bendy Investigates Toners’ blog entry.

Having Googled the brand I can see that they have been in legal trouble over mislabelled product ingredients and people using the products involved in the case have been left with long term if not permanent damage to their skin. Its not really a brand I can support or recommend especially given that these women received only the price of the creams in compensation.

Nail Mail: Harry Potter Plates & Born Pretty


These wonderful Harry Potter nail stamping plates arrived in the mail this week from Fast Tech – I can’t wait to do a mani with them! Which house shall I be in first? Time for a total geek out session.
I’m having a hard time choosing exactly what to do on my nails this week as I also received a second nail mail package, this time from Born Pretty Store containing a whole load of foils among other items.


As you can see I am literally spoiled for choice! I ordered both of these packages a few weeks ago and have been patiently awaiting their arrival from China/Singapore. I’m particularly in love with the little ring palette for free hand painting – it’s in the shape of a dog paw print!
Whatever I come up with I’ll be sure to  post it up and show you and let you know how well the items work out.