Missing In Action You Say? Bendy Problems

Yes, you’re right I have been! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a month or so, I’ve been seemingly stumbling from one health issue to the next recently.

Bendy Problems

After I finally got over the virus I had which knocked me out for a week or more it was “bendy week”. Women and girls with EDS get much more hypermobile when the hormone progesterone is high in their bodies as it destabilises collagen. As a result of this and my fatigued muscles I dislocated my shoulder joints (including both the socket and the AC joint) of my left arm so much it seems to have caused some lasting damage. Rheumatology have ordered scans as they think there’s a tear. All of the muscles in the area are going into spasm what feels like constantly and this is causing me to have headaches.

My need to take extra pain relief has triggered my gastroparesis symptoms and so food is once again not on my list of things I’m even wanting let alone enjoying but I have to keep forcing something down in order to take pain relief.


I can’t believe I missed covering Halloween on here but if anyone wants to have a nosy at some of the things I was able to do you can have a look at the photos over in my course Flickr album here.

I hope you all had a great time turning yourselves into witches, mummies and zombies and didn’t have too many “bendy problems” to get in the way!

Kath x

Oh Noes, Not The Lurgy!

Oh! Lurgy!
Image from Clover-vintage

This week I’ve had a new sofa delivered  (woo!); and created fake severed fingers and a full severed hand from latex as Halloween props. Unfortunately I’ve also managed to pick up the lurgy somewhere along the way so I’m not sure I’m going to need a costume! My glands currently look like huge bolts in my neck… Continue reading

The Avant-Garde Weave

It’s been so good being back at college! While it’s mostly just induction for the first two weeks we have had the chance to do a couple of bits of practical. I thought I would share one of the ones I liked most here.

Avant-Garde WeaveIn the hair class I was really thrown in at the deep end! After learning some very basic sectioning on the fly I went straight in with this avant-garde weave style.
Continue reading

Back to College!

College Kits

Today was the first day back at college and on my new course!

I’ve been super busy getting ready over the last couple of weeks, making sureCollege Kits I have everything in my kits. Getting them all organised exactly how I want them. I’ve sorted myself out a main kit bag (bottom left) and three smaller bags. This way I can pick up the main bag and a smaller one based on whatever we’re doing that day.

There’s one small one each for casualty/FX/prosthetics, face/body painting, and hair.  Continue reading