Bendy Investigates: Why Exfoliate?

Manual Exfoliants

Exfoliation, a practice said to have been invented by the ancient Egyptians, is included in pretty much all facials and is the process of removing dead skin cells and any other unwanted debris that cling to the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin).

Why Exfoliate?

Regular exfoliation is an important part of maintaining healthy skin that both looks and feels great.

Anatomy of the SkinThe skin undergoes a natural cell turnover process.

New skin cells are continually generated at the basal layer (stratum germinativum) of the epidermis. These are slowly pushed upwards onto the layer that we can see; the ‘horny layer’ or stratum corneum. Continue reading

The Fay Farm’s CBD Rejuvenation Lotion

NOTE: The Fay Farm‘s CBD Rejuvenation Lotion was gifted to me as a member of Chronic Illness Bloggers free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. All views in this post are my own and I have in no way been influenced by the company.

fayfarmsqI haven’t forayed into reviewing body products before but I jumped at the chance to be able to try it and to share this product with you all in partnership with the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. It’s very unusual and sounds absolutely perfect for many of us spoonie types.
Handily it arrived just in time for a bad episode health wise for me – the perfect time to put it to the test! Regular readers will know I was at home sick as I was in a lot of pain from my conditions and multiple dislocations. Continue reading

Bendy Investigates: The Truth About Eye Creams

Bendy InvestigatesEye creams, gels and serums – we’ve all heard the promises they make and been told we need them from an early age. There are dozens of products aimed at the eye area in stores and more being released all of the time. But do we really need them?

Women, and more recently men too, worry about ageing for various reasons. The eye area is one of the areas in which we show many signs of the passage of time.
It’s true that the skin around our eyes is thinner and slightly more fragile than elsewhere on the face. It’s more prone to dehydration, and thus quicker to show the signs of age and fatigue. Continue reading

Skincare: Dry or De-Hydrated?

Anatomy of the Skin

Anatomy of the SkinSkincare manufacturers don’t help people’s confusion of these two differing skin conditions by frequently lumping them together and giving the impression that they are the same thing.
The two, however, have totally different causes mechanically within the skin it’s self. They also occur in the population at vastly different rates. Once you know the difference, they are a lot easier to care for and de-hydration can even be completely resolved with the right products.

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My May Favourites 2016

May has mainly been a month of winding down and self-care after the end of my course. While I’ve been resting I’ve not been doing nothing, I’ve been creating this new home for my blog, coming back to coding after many years away is quite the shock I’ll tell you!

Anyway I’ll stop waffling now and tell you what beauty items I’ve been loving the most this month:

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