MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters

I had steered clear of these previously thinking that coloured highlighters wouldn’t look so good on pale skin but I was surprised to find that these actually work quite well.


I have three shades of this easy-on-the-pocket highlighter to try out, they are ‘Iridescent Gold’, ‘Pink Shimmer’ and ‘Opalescent Amber’.

26996299956_b430d76257_m‘Iridescent Gold’ is the most immediately noticeable and strong of the three powders when it comes to finger swatches as it has quite a strong white base to it. It’s also the most glittery of the three.
I think this could double up very well as an inner corner highlight to go with your eyeshadows. As it’s quite a pale gold rather than blasting the yellow I think this is actually surprisingly pale girl friendly.

‘Pink Shimmer’ appeared to me to be the subtlest of the three shades in terms of pigment and blended very well 26424090124_d413e88990_mwith my pale skin. I can see this being quite a versatile shade and suiting quite a wide variety of people depending on the look they were aiming for. I would definitely say this shade was pale girl friendly despite my initial concerns about coloured highlighters. This picks up the cool tones in my skin and pulls them forward which is quite interesting.

‘Opalescent Amber’ seemed less glittery than the
lighter two shades and more of a pearl finish by comparison. On my skin it was more of a shimmery blush than a highlight, I think this one will perhaps come into it’s own on darker skins.

26935526232_0108e3c25b_mTexture wise they all feel surprisingly rough to the touch while in the pan but at £3 for a massive 7.5g of product I don’t think we can expect them to be as finely milled as high-end powder highlighters like those from MAC or Becca.
There is a fourth shade in the range (‘Radiant Cashmere’) but I haven’t found it in stock anywhere to swatch it or purchase it. I was lucky enough to get these ones as part of a multi-buy offer. Just guessing from the images online I would think it would fall somewhere in between ‘Shimmering Pink and ‘Opalescent Amber’.

The Swatches


Swatched left to right are ‘Iridescent Gold’, ‘Pink Shimmer’ and ‘Opalescent Amber’. You can click on the image (or any image in this post) to enlarge it.

The one that picks up best on camera and is also the most noticeable in person is by far the gold shade while the other two are much more subtle with Amber actually looking more like a blush shade. It does have a sheen that isn’t picking up here but  it’s not super shiny at all.
Amber would provide a glowing blush for someone of my skin tone rather than a highlight.

Packaging wise these come in white plastic compacts with clear lids that I personally am finding very difficult to open! Not something I want to be struggling with and breaking nails on first thing in a morning trying to get into it. The lids of the compacts in particular feel as though they wouldn’t take much in the way of banging around in a make-up bag, they feel quite brittle and like they could shatter if dropped. The packaging is obviously very cheaply produced but then I did already mention the price point so…. Anyway I might try de-potting them into another container that’s easier for me to use and get into!

Have you tried these highlighters? If I was to try another coloured highlight what would you recommend?

Kath x

April Look Incredible Box

Very late to be posting this but I finally have a complete box to show you thanks to their customer service department sending out a replacement item.


What are this month’s products :

Laura Geller, Spackle Under-eye Primer
An interesting idea and certainly something I’ll be trying out, this hydrates the under-eye area as well as priming it for make-up application. It contains hyaluronic acid which is great for plumping up the skin and hiding any fine lines. It has a creamy texture with a pearl finish, it has an applicator tip but I think I’ll prefer using my fingers personally as I usually do with my eye cream with a similar applicator.

Smashbox, Blush/Soft Lights Duo in ‘Super/Model’
26649315421_30ce42d186_zI was quite surprised by this item as to my knowledge Smashbox have never sold this product in the UK at all never mind right now. I thought beauty boxes promoted products people could actually go out and buy?
Complaints aside the blush it’s self is lovely though, one side is a pale pinkish highlighter while the other a coral-pink blush. They work together well and would be great if you were going for a glowing, summery festival-type look.

L’Oreal, Nutri Gold Silky Day Cream
This product is not packaged in English so I can’t tell you that much about it other than what is written on the card that came with the box. Look Incredible say it’s worth £13 but I can’t find anyone selling it for more than £6 and I’ve found it as low as £3! I can’t see anything remotely exciting on the ingredients list. I’m unlikely to even open this to be honest.

Urban Decay, Super Saturated Lip Colour in ‘Crush’
26689434516_ac2ac5fa2d_zA discontinued product – I know because I tried to track a particular shade down for a friend a while back and it turned out to be impossible. Urban Decay no longer produce or sell this product and all of the stockists had run out of all but the least popular shades.
Bright pink is not a colour I would ever choose for myself so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this!

Velvet 59, My Fair Lashes mascara
26109376034_3e068c7481_mVelvet 59 are not a brand that I’ve heard of personally but the product is well packaged and the tube is quite substantial.
It’s a lengthening mascara that alleges to be flake and smudge proof – I’ll have to test that one out for sure! It’s always annoying when your eye is itching but you put up with it because you don’t want to mess up your make-up.

Overall I’m really very disappointed with this box, my second from Look Incredible. I was really hoping I’d made a good choice but now I’m not so sure.
I’ve decided to keep it for May and if there are old products again then I will be cancelling. A beauty box should not be sending out discontinued, non-current or otherwise unavailable products, that’s not the point of them. Beauty boxes should be working with brands to promote current products and trends not sending out whatever cheap stuff they could lay their hands on.

If you’re a subscriber were you disappointed by this months box?

Benefit Cheekathon

Benefit have released this amazing blush kit, it’s an absolutely bargainous way to collect all of the Benefit box o’ powders blushers as each pan is full sized and the kit costs just £44.50. A single powder £23.50 on it’s own meaning this kit’s value is over £100.


The catch (and there’s always a catch isn’t there?) is that you can only get the kit online directly from Benefit or from House of Fraser.

The kit contains 5 full size pans of blush and bronzer in ‘Dandelion’, ‘Hoola’, ‘Rockateur’, ‘Dallas’ and ‘Coralista’ plus one of their little blush brushes as you would usually get in your box o’ powders.
The magnetic closure cardboard palette has a plastic mirrored surface inside the lid and the same illustration as you can see on the outer packaging is on the top as well on the leaflet that comes with the product. The leaflet gives a few different ideas and tips on application.
benefit1A great thing Benefit have done with the packaging this time around is that they have put the blushes on a removable tray meaning you don’t have to struggle to tear bits out in order to re-use the box! Underneath the tray is a lovely gold surface ready for you to use to store whatever you like be it jewellery or more make-up. I’m glad Benefit have realised that we all like to re-use the boxes!

The Blushes & Swatches

‘Dandelion’ – A brightening ballerina pink with a hint of shimmer

Larger version over on Flickr

‘Hoola’ – A matte bronzer for a natural sun-kissed glow.

‘Rockateur’ – A gorgeous rose gold flush

‘Dallas’ – A blush or a bronze depending on your tone

‘Coralista’ – A warm coral pink with a slight hint of pearl

Overall this is a brilliant buy if you love your Benefit blushes and don’t already have all of these shades or are running low on them. I don’t know how long this set will be around so go get yourself one while they’re hot!

Are you a Benefit fan? Love the blushes but hate on another product? What’s your favourite Benefit product? Do tell me in the comments!

February & March Favourites!

Feb/March Favourites

I didn’t do a February favourites post between being busy and it being a slightly shorter month so I’ve rolled it in together with this bizarrely cold and snowy month of March!

Feb/March Favourites

This last couple of months I have been reaching for:

L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm
I’m on my second one of these this winter already as I easily get dry lips when exposed to cold weather and central heating. This is is my go-to product for dry lips and has barely been out of my hands this month!

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle CreamI am so happy to have found this product – it is so much less messy than cuticle oils! More of a balm or butter than a cream as it’s solid in the tin and melts with the warmth of your skin, it works into the cuticles nicely and leaves them nicely moisturised and healthy. I’m often not a fan of anything lemony but I don’t mind this, I would prefer a different scent of course but the product its self is good enough I really don’t mind.

Rosie For Autograph Gel Pencil Liner in ‘Envy Me’
I love this plum gel pencil liner – it really accentuates my already very green eyes. I’ve found myself reaching for this a lot since I got it, it’s become a firm favourite and I will definitely be re-purchasing when it runs out!

Avon Extra Lasting Cream Shadow in ‘Lasting Lilac’
Avon Extra Lasting Cream ShadowThis had been in the back of the drawer for a while but I pulled it out when I was in need of a very quick eye look as I only had about 5 minutes to do it in. It really does last all day with no creasing and no primer or anything underneath. I was quite surprised because of how solid the product is – I expected it to be hard to work with which is why I’ve pretty much ignored these shadows since they arrived. I’ve used it a few times since that day but with a little more care and finesse! I’ve been teaming it with a bit of the darker purple from the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream shadow range on the edge and in the crease and a touch of pencil or gel liner – it works wonderfully.

L’Occitane Almond Tonic Body Oil 
I got this for my birthday at the end of February and have been using it all month since, it’s a dry body oil with a spray dispenser which makes it really easy to use – no risky pouring and accidentally getting too much product! As well as the obvious almond it contains 5 essential oils (immortelle, palmarosa, mint, carrot, and cypress) and a micro exfoliating lemon extract. I’ve been using it on my legs post shaving and it’s really improved my skin’s reaction to shaving as well as it’s general condition, love it.

Laura Geller Baked Impressions Blush in ‘Mauve Mocha Latte’
Laura Geller Blush Mocha Mauve LatteThis has come out quite a bit this past month as it goes really ridiculously well with my new Clinique lipstick in ‘Mocha Pop’ so as well as reaching for it whenever I’ve worn that, I’ve developed a new found love for more ‘nude’ blush shades. I love the textured finish pressed into the powder on these but if I keep using it at this rate I doubt it will look this pretty for much longer!

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Lipstick in ‘Love Liberty’
Charlotte Tilbury 'Love Liberty'A gorgeous berry shade – totally up my street! The Charlotte Tilbury mattes are very long wearing and survive eating and drinking too making them great for work days when you have no time to yourself. I absolutely adore this kind of colour and don’t have anything else quite like it in a true matte.

Have you tried any of these products? What were your favourites this month?

Soap & Glory Highlight & Sculpt Cheek Sticks

Soap & Glory have a whole host of new products recently! Many of them are additions to the Kick Ass range and are twist-up sticks for use on the face, among them are colour correctors in green (‘All Is Calm’), yellow (‘Fake Awake’) and purple (‘Just Bright’), a silicone pore filler called ‘Super Blur’ which you can use under foundation or on top to touch up (I’m trying that ‘Super Blur’ out at the moment so I’ll be posting a review at some point), and then this new range of highlighting sticks.
sandgsmlThere are three shades available, ‘Glow All Out’, ‘Wonderbronze’ and ‘Love at First Blush’. I’m not entirely sure where the contouring part of their name comes in as ‘Wonderbronze’ is a warm toned sparkly bronzer as it’s name would suggest rather than a cool toned contour stick. Each shade has a subtitle which suggests that S&G are leaving themselves a window to possibly add more products to this line in future.

All three sticks have highlighting shimmer through them and are very dry and soft compared to other similar products I have tried and did become a little too soft to work with when warm – dispensing too much product and even crumbling slightly. You can see where this happened on my swatch of the bronze shade in particular as it left small darker patches of heavier application in the swatch. After playing with these I was covered in glitter, they are loaded with the stuff – don’t be fooled by the fact that it didn’t show up well on my photo!

The Swatches & Shades

  • 25782663000_0f35501660_zThe highlighter shade ‘Glow It All Out’ is subtitled ‘Ice Shimmer’ which is an apt name for this cool toned glow which would look best on paler skin tones.
  • The bronzer shade ‘Wonderbronze’ is subtitled ‘Sundaze’. This is a warm, almost peachy toned bronze shade. I found this was the crumbliest of the three when warm. This shade would look best on medium to dark skin tones.
  • The pink shade, ‘Love at First Blush’ is subtitled ‘Pink Pop & Pearl’. A beautiful rose gold shade. Unfortunately the gold shine doesn’t show up very well in my photo but it’s really quite vibrant – two products in one kind of thing. Would work well as a highlight on darker skin or as a blush on paler skins.

Given the products dryer texture and propensity to crumble when swiping it I would suggest dabbing carefully onto the chosen areas and then blending out with a damp beauty blender. This method will also allow for a slow build up of colour/highlight and make it easier to get it just right for you. They will all produce quite an obvious highlight due the sheer amount of glitter in them so they will be best suited to evening looks for most people although summer, and festival season, is coming!

Are you an S&G fan? What’s your favourite stick highlighter?