British Beauty Blogger Palette Review & Swatches

25765846402_79db4d748e_mDue to the sheer level of interest Makeup Revolution released ‘Fortune Favours the Brave: 30 Eyeshadows by British Beauty Blogger’ a few days early! Naturally I got my order in straight away as I know it often seems to take a while for new items to filter down to Superdrug stores and when they do they sell out quickly. I added some lip products into my order as well but I’ll pop those into a separate post.

British Beauty Blogger Palette

Absolutely gorgeous isn’t it? This palette is a collaboration between Jane Cunningham aka British Beauty Blogger and Makeup Revolution. There is a mixture of different types of shadows, everything from mattes to shimmers to glitter containing shades all in one palette allowing for the creation of a wide variety of different looks – I think this will be great for interesting smoky eyes as it’s not often you find such collections of blues and greens and a couple of the deeper plums are very unusual.

25790578011_1904431cf7_m.jpgThe gold packaging does not end with cardboard box and marks a huge change for the brand who usually package everything in identical minimalistic black palettes which can make it very hard to work out which one is which! The palette also comes with a small brush instead of the usual sponge applicator. The brush, to be honest, is really not very good and will probably never be used by anyone who owns even a middle-of-the-road set of the brushes. The usual large mirror is inside the top of the lid which is something I always think is great about their palettes as it makes them very portable when they do double duty like that. I hope that this change in packaging is a sign of many more beautiful things to come from Makeup Revolution.

On to the shadows themselves. They vary in quality as you would expect with a palette with so many different shades and textures – so what the brand they’re never going to get all of the shades to be amazing. Some of these are truly brilliant while others feel like space filler.
It’s great to see a good selection of mattes in a mixed palette like this, mattes however are the first hurdle so many palettes fall at. The mattes here are hit and miss, the paler mattes I found to have very little pigment and sheered out incredibly easily but many of the darker ones were actually very good especially the black (‘Blacqua’) which was surprisingly good. In my swatches you’ll notice that many of the paler ones are very hard if not impossible to see even after 2 swipes of colour (‘Creme’ & ‘Soft’). Some of the paler satin shades also have difficulties and don’t show up well, a darker skinned lady than I may have more luck with these shades -‘Glimmer’ & ‘Peachy’ in particular.
25254616974_aae3614b99_mThe metallic and glitter shades are where this palette is really on to a winner. The metallics are soft and blendable with rich colour depth.My favourites as pictures here are ‘Favour’, ‘Sunset Hour’ and ‘Super Gold’. The two marbled looking glitter containing shades require a little more work but create beautiful effects, my particular favourite is ‘Skylight’ which reminds me at of the precious gem lapis lazuli in the pan.
I think my absolute favourite shade in this palette has to be ‘Drama Queen’ which is the unusual deep plum shade on the third row of pans. I can see it working very well with the baked glitter shade ‘Lonely Planet’ just next to it’.

The Swatches

25887636505_982f22fde2_zTop row 25887728515_8ba3d1b416_zSecond Row
25887774345_0dced689ee_z3rd Row 25255145184_68b9a20966_zBottom Row

All swatches are done with two swipes of colour. Larger views of all my swatches are available over on my Flickr account.

I can’t wait to start creating new looks with this palette, let me know if you’d like me to post up some tutorials. Have any of you bought this palette? What did you think? What was your favourite shade?