Christmas Competition: Shopping Zombie

For my college Christmas competition I created a “Christmas Shopping Zombie” character and wanted to share the finished make-up with you here.

Christmas Shopping ZombieI used a few different techniques including prosthetics to complete the make-up.

It was really quite stressful but so worth it in the end. I didn’t get to finish everything I had wanted to add to the character in the allotted time but it came out pretty good nonetheless.

My completed zombie creation finished in second place in the competition with the help of my brilliant model Beth!

Second Prize!

Here we are with my tutor receiving my certificate and prize. Unfortunately you can’t quite see all my props here but inside her shopping bags are a brain I made from latex and similarly created severed hand!


I hope all of you are having a great holiday season and enjoying any time off work/school you have. Fingers crossed for 2017 huh?

Kath x

Back to College!

College Kits

Today was the first day back at college and on my new course!

I’ve been super busy getting ready over the last couple of weeks, making sureCollege Kits I have everything in my kits. Getting them all organised exactly how I want them. I’ve sorted myself out a main kit bag (bottom left) and three smaller bags. This way I can pick up the main bag and a smaller one based on whatever we’re doing that day.

There’s one small one each for casualty/FX/prosthetics, face/body painting, and hair.  Continue reading

Kits & Certificates

I’ve been getting ready for September this week or so, I’m looking forward to it so much!

Level 2 CertificatesMy college certificates came for last year so I can now prove that I am level 2 qualified. I really need to get something nice to store all my certificates in now!
I also need to put it into a heavy book temporarily as despite the cardboard envelope clearly labelled ‘Do Not Bend’ it arrived bent across the top corner! “Royal Fail” strike again! Continue reading