An Open Letter to Kat Von D…

“If you don’t know what it’s like to have people around you think you’re ridiculous, try being openly vegan.” – Kat Von D 

One of my earliest memories is being in hospital with a preventable disease. Whooping cough. I can remember quite clearly being in the children’s hospital at just 18 months of age, the bars on the hospital cot seemed so high. I remember my great uncle coming to pick us up and take me home at the end of my stay.

But it is as someone who contracted the mumps aged 21 as a result of an outbreak among the student population  – who were among the main customers at my place of work – that vaccination became an issue close to my heart. This outbreak was one of several at the time directly caused by a decrease in vaccination rates due to Andrew Wakefield’s unethical and outright faked research into the MMR which caused all sorts of scaremongering in the British press. Then prime minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie refused to say whether they had their child vaccinated which I think had a huge influence on parents at the time, Cherie having connections to known anti-vaccinationists as well as other pseudoscience peddlers. Vaccine uptake among 2 year-olds declined to around 80% in 2003 and 2004. This compares to around 92% in 1995 before the adverse publicity. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends immunity levels of around 95% to prevent outbreaks of disease.

I was born before there was a routine vaccination for mumps in the UK. The MMR was introduced too late for me and no catch up campaign ran at the time because we had been covered for measles and rubella and there should have been herd immunity for mumps thanks to the new vaccine for the younger ones and the older people being made immune by having been infected. It worked perfectly until Wakefield came along with his vested interests in separate vaccines. (There is now a catch up campaign however, if you were not vaccinated for either measles or mumps due to being born before 1990 see here)

My case of the mumps was severe. I ended up in hospital. I was so swollen I physically could not swallow. I physically could not move my jaw to even open my mouth to intake fluids and became severely dehydrated and was at risk of death. I had a temperature that was off the scale. It took many months to fully recover. Mumps, as you may know, can also cause swelling of the gonads (testicles or ovaries) leading to infertility in adult cases, it can cause permanent deafness, it can lead to pancreatitis, meningitis and rarely even death.

A few years later I watched a 12 month old, too young to be vaccinated, suffer needlessly through a case of rubella. I had never seen rubella, or ‘German measles’ as it’s often known, before. I bet you have never seen it either. It’s quite minor by comparison to regular measles- well unless a pregnant lady catches it at which point it can wreak havoc on her unborn baby.

So Kat, if you really think you have problems being “openly vegan”, whatever that means, perhaps you should try being disabled, openly trans, openly Muslim, Jewish or black. Perhaps you should try being at risk of death from an entirely preventable disease because of the stupidity of your own parent.

No Longer Supporting KVD Cosmetics

This was going to be a post about the 10th Anniversary palette, a palette which will be the last thing I will ever purchase from Kat Von D cosmetics and frankly if I lived in the USA I would return it.

There are so many more things I could say, I could go into why anti-vaccinationists are just plain wrong, I could go into the ableism of their ‘movement’ but all of these posts have already been written by other people so I shall just leave a few links at the bottom for anyone interested.

Kath x



2016 Favourites (and Failures!)

For this post I’ve come up with 4 products I have loved this year and another 3 I have disliked and thrown or given away.

It’s quite disappointing that I couldn’t find more make-up ‘loves’ out of all the new products that came out in 2016. The consumer brands all seem to be producing the exact same things as one another, endless ‘dupes’ and copying – it’s all a bit well, meh.

Then there’s the fact that there are only so many contour palettes with dozens of shades anyone needs  *cough*the answer is none!*cough* Banana powder will never suit pale ladies no matter how hard the now multiple brands producing it try to push it. In 2017 – lets do something different huh? Continue reading

US Make-Up Haul

With the help of an enabling friend I have received quite a few new items from the US this week and wanted to share my haul. I have left a couple of items off as I want to use them for other posts but most of it is here!


As you can see there are a mixture of high end and drug store products in this haul – all are things not available in the UK (or in the case of the UD palette website exclusives that are constantly out of stock!)

Urban Decay, Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette
25863646653_4eaa7d44e0_mI’d been trying to get this in the UK for quite a while having been coveting it since before Christmas and was about to give up all hope of ever getting one having been checking the Urban Decay website religiously for weeks with no luck, it was always out of stock. When the opportunity arose to get it sent to me from the US I grabbed it with both hands! Boy am I glad I did, it’s beautiful! I also love the idea that the packaging is re-usable once the product has run out; the pans are on a tray which lifts out to reveal a velvet lining so you can turn it into a jewellery box! The shades are true Urban Decay, bold, bright and shimmery. My particular favourites are ‘Madness’, ‘Evidence’ and ‘Voodoo’.

Kat Von D, Lock it Concealer in ‘Light 16’
26374013482_9ab9598a36_mAfter having fallen for the foundation a while ago – it has seriously the best pigmentation I’ve ever seen in a liquid foundation – I had to try the concealer.
I do like that it’s in a handy squeezy tube, no pump that puts out too much product or stupid doe foot applicator (seriously though, why do companies insist on using those for dispensing product? It’s not hygienic and wastes tons of product that you can’t get out of the bottom.)
I’m really hoping that this concealer lives up to the brand’s reputation and doesn’t fall down after the foundation was so good.

Kat Von D, Liquid Lipstick in ‘Lolita II’
26440419646_ec1c777756_mI already have a few shades of KVD’s liquid lipstick including the first ‘Lolita’ shade. This new version of Lolita is much redder, leaning towards terracotta compared to the current formulation of ‘Lolita’.

Colour Pop, Ultra Satin Lip in ‘Toolips’ & ‘Frick N Frack’
26375170392_34fec2b186_mWould you believe these are my first ever ColourPop lipsticks? I know!
These promise to be comfortable and non-drying, that’s very nearly a holy grail liquid lipstick if it’s true! I’ll certainly be giving these a thorough testing.

Burt’s Bees, Lipstick in ‘Lily Lake’ & ‘Juniper Water’
26401364621_4f7700b5c3_mI seriously don’t understand why these aren’t available in the UK. As far as I can tell pretty much every other Burt’s Bees product is but not these. It just doesn’t make any sense to me!
Anyway, these are lovely soft moisturising sheer lipsticks with a hint of sparkle to them. ‘Lily Lake’ is a brownish mauve while ‘Juniper Water’ is a deep burgundy red shade.

Maybelline, Color Tattoo Crayon in ‘Lilac Lust’ & ‘Lavish Lavender’
26401310541_404d4dd9dc_mColor Tattoo is a product line we only get about half of in the UK. We don’t get all of the colours of the cream product (most stores have only 4 or 6 shades) and we get none of the loose powder shadows at all. Since they brought these out in the US this is another Color Tattoo product we simply don’t have in the UK! What are you playing at Maybelline?
Just like the original pots, once set these shadows are not going anywhere. I tried my best to smudge my swatches but they wouldn’t shift even with a bit of moisture. I can’t wait to wear them!

The Swatches


L-R: KVD ‘Lolita II’, CP ‘Toolips’, CP ‘Frick N Frack’


Burt’s Bees ‘Lily Lake’ & ‘Juniper Water’


Color Tattoo ‘Lilac Lust’ & ‘Lavish Lavender’

 All of my swatches are available to view in larger sizes over on my Flickr account

I haven’t swatched the Urban Decay palette as it’s not a new release and loads of other people have probably already done so but if you want me to do a post with swatches for Urban Spectrum do let me know and I’ll get right on it!