Look Incredible & Glossybox July 2016

Glossybox July 2016 My ‘Look Incredible’ and ‘Glossybox’ beauty subs boxes have both arrived now!
Both contain a lot of similar stuff to other very recent boxes or just stuff I plain won’t use but there are a couple of gems depending on your personal likes and dislikes…

In terms of Glossybox (and Birchbox too) I am starting to wonder why they bother having ‘beauty profiles’ because they never seem to actually use them for anything… and don’t even ask questions I would consider pertinent such as what your make-up look is and whether you’re a gloss girl or a lipstick girl. At least Look Look Incredible JulyIncredible don’t even pretend to tailor their subs boxes – but then they still haven’t mastered getting the product card to fit into the box so the less said about their production values the better I think!

Both boxes contain all full size products this month:

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April Look Incredible Box

Very late to be posting this but I finally have a complete box to show you thanks to their customer service department sending out a replacement item.


What are this month’s products :

Laura Geller, Spackle Under-eye Primer
An interesting idea and certainly something I’ll be trying out, this hydrates the under-eye area as well as priming it for make-up application. It contains hyaluronic acid which is great for plumping up the skin and hiding any fine lines. It has a creamy texture with a pearl finish, it has an applicator tip but I think I’ll prefer using my fingers personally as I usually do with my eye cream with a similar applicator.

Smashbox, Blush/Soft Lights Duo in ‘Super/Model’
26649315421_30ce42d186_zI was quite surprised by this item as to my knowledge Smashbox have never sold this product in the UK at all never mind right now. I thought beauty boxes promoted products people could actually go out and buy?
Complaints aside the blush it’s self is lovely though, one side is a pale pinkish highlighter while the other a coral-pink blush. They work together well and would be great if you were going for a glowing, summery festival-type look.

L’Oreal, Nutri Gold Silky Day Cream
This product is not packaged in English so I can’t tell you that much about it other than what is written on the card that came with the box. Look Incredible say it’s worth £13 but I can’t find anyone selling it for more than £6 and I’ve found it as low as £3! I can’t see anything remotely exciting on the ingredients list. I’m unlikely to even open this to be honest.

Urban Decay, Super Saturated Lip Colour in ‘Crush’
26689434516_ac2ac5fa2d_zA discontinued product – I know because I tried to track a particular shade down for a friend a while back and it turned out to be impossible. Urban Decay no longer produce or sell this product and all of the stockists had run out of all but the least popular shades.
Bright pink is not a colour I would ever choose for myself so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this!

Velvet 59, My Fair Lashes mascara
26109376034_3e068c7481_mVelvet 59 are not a brand that I’ve heard of personally but the product is well packaged and the tube is quite substantial.
It’s a lengthening mascara that alleges to be flake and smudge proof – I’ll have to test that one out for sure! It’s always annoying when your eye is itching but you put up with it because you don’t want to mess up your make-up.

Overall I’m really very disappointed with this box, my second from Look Incredible. I was really hoping I’d made a good choice but now I’m not so sure.
I’ve decided to keep it for May and if there are old products again then I will be cancelling. A beauty box should not be sending out discontinued, non-current or otherwise unavailable products, that’s not the point of them. Beauty boxes should be working with brands to promote current products and trends not sending out whatever cheap stuff they could lay their hands on.

If you’re a subscriber were you disappointed by this months box?

L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Bundle Review

L'Oreal Elvive Clay

Extraordinary ClayI don’t normally foray into hair care products on my blog but since I had these new products to try out I thought “why the heck not?”
The Extraordinary Clay Re-Balancing range is designed “to break the cycle and put an end to oily roots and dry ends, giving you 72 hours of purified roots and hydrated ends.” Sounds brilliant, so how does it work?

First you apply the hair masque to your dry, unwashed roots and scalp and massage it in well. Yes, that’s right the masque goes on first! Very unusual I thought but it works very well at absorbing all of that grease from your scalp. The product has an unusual but not unpleasant mild fragrance and is, surprisingly, quite a bright blue colour – I was expecting a more obvious ‘clay’ colour. My only real complaint about the masque was that its blue colouring stained my hands so I had to use quite a bit of exfoliator to get them back to normal again afterwards – I’ll be using some disposable gloves in future for this part. The masque is left on the roots for 5 minutes to do its work – during this time I was freaking out about my blue hands not washing clean but if you avoid that fate do sit and relax!

masqueAfter your five minutes are up it’s time to rinse out the clay masque. Despite my concerns I found the masque rinsed out of my hair really easily and my roots were already feeling so much cleaner than at the start.
The re-balancing shampoo, which blissfully doesn’t contain any silicones (which can build up on your hair over time) lathered up straight away – no need to “rinse and repeat” here. I also noticed from the ingredients list on the back of the bottle that it contains hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) which is a great beauty workhorse and will help your dry ends hold on to moisture until you wash it again. I’m surprised they aren’t shouting about this on the front. The matching conditioner has the same (no silicones, and more hyaluronic acid than the shampoo) good points. The fragrance of the shampoo conditioner is very similar to the masque, maybe a slighter milder version of the same scent.

So how is my hair looking now it’s dry? It’s very clean feeling and quite shiny and seems fuller than usual – I guess the deep clean at the roots has enabled them to get a bit more natural volume! My hair has a lovely clean smell to it, a nicer version of the shampoo’s own smell. I’ll certainly be continuing to use this hair care system as I’m quite impressed with the extra volume, my hair is usually naturally very flat without a lot of blow drying and styling but blow drying is not something I can often manage (not enough spoons and keeping my arms raised makes them vulnerable to dislocation).

Did it last 72 hours without going greasy? That’s a big fat yes! Some of the volume had disappeared by then but I had spent my time outdoors wearing a hat due to cold and rainy weather which will have helped flatten my hair down significantly. I do think overall it was a little more flyaway in the lengths but that’s probably a result of washing away all the silicones from my previous shampoo. I will keep an eye on it as I continue using this product and I will update you all if anything dramatic happens (good or bad! I’m beholden to no one here.)

All three products are available together as a bundle from Boots.com for £10 or can be purchased individually online only. ETA: All three are now available widely, I hope you have as much success with the masque as I do.

Kath x

My 2015 Must Haves

2015 Must Haves

What make-up and beauty items have I not been able to live without in 2015? I think it’s time for a round up!



Smashbox. Do I really need to say anything else? Nothing beats this stuff. I tried out using the Nivea For Men post shave balm as recommended by Nikkie of Nikkie Tutorials but either it doesn’t work with my skincare or my other products or something as I found my base no longer blended properly which drove me potty! I’m willing to keep trying with it but maybe only on days when I’m lounging around the house.


Benefit’s ‘Hello Flawless’ liquid foundation is a long time favourite of mine, many have tried to knock it off the top spot in my heart and all have failed although this year one foundation did come close and now sits next to it on the top tray of my make-up box. What is it I hear you ask? It’s L’Oreal’s ‘Infallible 24 Matte’ which is also an absolute bargain as it’s a “drug store” level purchase and it’s available absolutely everywhere to boot. The L’Oreal offers slightly more coverage than the Benefit and to my eye their palest shade is ever so slightly paler, I actually like to mix the two palest shades together to get my absolutely perfect colour. It definitely is long lasting though I haven’t tested them on it lasting 24 hours…


I don’t use much powder, pretty much all I do with it on myself is set concealer. I’ve tried several but somehow always end up back here. L’Oreal ‘True Match’ pressed powder. So much easier to use this pressed than loose for every day although I do own more than one loose powder and somehow this shade (‘Golden Ivory’) has always been just perfect for me.

Concealers and Correctors

Let’s face it “drug store” concealers are useless, especially if you actually have something to cover. When it comes to concealers professional brand Kryolan’s ‘Derma Colour’ is where it’s at. You can get ‘Derma Colour’ in practically any shade you can think of and it’s designed so you can actually blend them together and make even more shades, you can get palettes with pre-set shade collections or you can buy individual shades and they really aren’t all that expensive. Totally worth it.
I always have green and salmon toned correctors in my make-up bag. At the moment those are the Max-Factor ‘CC Stick’ in green and Pixi ‘Correction Concentrate’. For those who have missed the boat when it comes to colour corr24092418435_10b6507a54_zecting, green concealers or correctors are used to hide redness (if you have redness everywhere you can even get green primers and bases with a green tint) and salmon or pink is used to cover darkness. It’s a technique very worth learning and if people are interested I will do a post on colour correcting techniques.


Illamasqua cream blush in ‘Seduce’. This product is just so easy to use. Easy to blend, buildable, and stays put!
The NARS multiple in their classic shade ‘Orgasm’ offers a little bit of highlight along with your blush. A great natural looking daytime blush which can be amped up with the addition of a little of it’s powder twin.

Eye Make-Up

Benefit’s ‘They’re Real! Primer’ is something that although it only came out technically on Boxing Day (I think?) I’ve had a sample size of for several weeks and have barely put it down since! I went straight down to my local counter for a full size as soon as I heard they were in so that’s waiting to be started. I had been using this alone on my lower lashes and using this followed by mascara on the top lashes and I loved the effect but I had my lashes tinted at college so I’ve been doing only the top lashes followed by mascara. They may be tinted but they still need volume! Handy not having to do the bottom ones though, it’s such a faff isn’t it?
Art Deco’s ‘Liquid Star Liner’ in shade 32 which is a beautiful blue purple is a great favourite of mine, I always get compliments when I wear this one as it goes fabulously with my green eyes.
And now to the high street for Rimmel’s single eyeshadow in ‘Millionaire’ – best used over a skin tone primer such as NYX Eye Shadow Base this is the shadow shade you can wear with literally any lip colour. Very handy if like me you are somewhat obsessed by lipstick and might want to change your mind during the day!


Illamasqua’s ‘Glamore’ lipstick in ‘Minx’ is a fast favourite, their formula is long wearing pretty much second to none and this shade is just a beautiful plummy blend of deep rose and brown and yum.
This I was surprised by, I actually received this one as a sample. Clinique’s ‘Nude Pop’ is a pinkish nude with a slight frosty finish. You don’t expect it to work, but somehow it just so does. I’ll definitely be getting a full size when this is gon
And back to the high street with Maybelline’s ‘Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil’ in shade ‘210 Keep It Classy’. Much deeper than you’d expect from the shade shown on the end of the pencil this is one of those products where Maybelline hit it out of the park. The product 23797014150_d100687de3_zis super creamy, goes on beautifully and lasts! I have I
think 3 of the different shades but this one comes out o
n the regular, it’s a gorgeous deep plummy tone.

Swatched here L-R: ‘Keep it Classy’, ‘Minx’, ‘Nude Pop’, NARS Multiple in ‘Orgasm’.


23464186224_fe5b239901_zI can’t leave home without my Tartelette. If I’m away for the weekend (or longer) this baby is coming with me! I need it! The shadows are highly pigmented, so blendable and just feel amazing. I can’t wait until Tartelette 2 is delivered, hurry up Mr Postman! Where are you?
A new must have for me is the NARS+Steven Klein ‘One Shocking Moment’ face palette which contains contour, highlight, bronzer and a choice of blushes in a beautiful palette with a large mirror. Not only is it gorgeous to look at it makes packing a travel make-up kit super easy.

I realise I haven’t included skincare but I figure by this point my post is more than long enough to have bored you to death. Maybe I’ll do skincare as a second post 😉