MUR: I Heart MakeUp Chocolate Vice Palette Review

Regular readers might have noticed my absence this week but fear not, I am back from my jaunt to Wales and have plenty of things to share with you in the coming weeks. I’m going to get straight into things with this new palette from Makeup Revolution. What an absolute mouthful of a product title these have!
Meet the most recent addition to Makeup Revolution’s ‘I Heart Makeup’ range of I <3 Chocolate palettes: ‘Chocolate Vice’!

Chocolate Vice

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Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone: Purple Lipstick

Purple Lipstick Line UpA little while ago I discovered purple lipstick. Yes, purple.
I’d always liked my berry shades but I’d always steered clear of going as far as a full on purple so I was surprised at how wearable some purple shades were and how much it actually suited me! I wanted to share my new found love of purple lippie with you lovely lot so out came this post. Continue reading

MUR Unicorns Unite Palette & Lipsticks

The first of Makeup Revolutions Unicorn palettes, ‘Unicorns Unite’ is one of their range of salvation palettes.

26823240566_106ced1afa_o (1)

Before you say it, yes, I know those are toy ponies not unicorns! But brightly coloured adventurous ponies and unicorns aren’t miles apart are they?
I finally got around to adding this to my almost complete collection of Makeup Revolution palettes and thought I would share it with you guys even though it’s not a new release. I don’t know why I’ve never picked this one up before as purples, greens and aquamarines are exactly the sorts of colours I adore and this palette delivers them in spades!

26251750134_6231bff935_zAnyway, the palette comes in this shiny purple box so it’s something of a disappointment that the palette its self is contained inside a bog standard black ‘Salvation’ palette really. Most people don’t keep the cardboard boxes!

This range of palettes come in at £6 each and you get 18 pans of shadow which works out at just 33p per pan. How amazing is that?

12 of the shades are shimmers with the top row being the six glitteriest shades of the bunch while the six at the bottom are all matte. I love the way they’ve separated out the two finishes in these palettes it makes it a lot easier to figure out what you need when it’s 6am on a “school day” and you’re bleary eyed from sleep and worrying about having time to fit in a dog walk before running off out the door. If you do run out of time don’t fret too much though as MUR always provide a good sized mirror with their palettes so you can take it with you.

lipsticks_smThere are five Unicorns Unite lipsticks to accompany the palette. The shades are beautiful and not bad for just £1 each. With the exception of ‘Myth’ these are not particularly opaque on the lip especially if you have very pink lips so it’s probably worth going over them with foundation before applying the lipstick so that the shade will pop more rather than being dulled by the pink showing through. ‘Magical’ was the worst for coverage and texture out of the bunch for me. I did find them prone to movement but they are comfortable to wear, to be honest it’s hard to moan at that price though.

The Swatches

1st Row

2nd Row
3rd Row

These are swatched quite heavily with no primer. You do need to build the shadows up to get the best out of them but they’ve done a good job at producing true purples.
The top row contains the lightest, sparkliest colours with two pinks a coppery tone, a lighter purple and a silver while the second row is more bold with its blue, deep greens, purple, mauve and glittery grey.
The third and final row contains mattes which you could use to create a fairly neutral look but why would you when there are all those lovely colours just above? These will be very handy as all over lid shades to help with blending or as crease shades for those of us who can’t wear glitter all over. I particularly like the two brown shades in the middle one of which pulls slightly mauve, interestingly they have provided a dark grey rather than a black as you might expect on this row. Each shade has a vaguely unicorn themed name. Larger versions of the swatches will be up on my Flickr as always.


The five lipsticks are mostly very out-there shades. Only ‘Myth’ falls in the red end of the spectrum!
As I said above with the 4 non-red shades it’s worth going over your lips with foundation or a primer first to help them along a bit as they are not very opaque on the lip.

I think this palette and lipsticks will be great for summery make-up and festival looks or even just because you love these colours as I do!
These palettes are great for experimenting with new looks and trying out new techniques without worrying about wasting more expensive products if you do it wrong or hate it and just want to wash it straight off. Have fun!

Vlogger Palettes!

It’s become quite trendy now for YouTube vloggers to release their own palettes with cosmetics companies and there have been a couple of very popular releases. I managed to get my hands on the prized Manny MUA palette so here it is along with the Carli Bybel and recently released Shaaanxo palettes as my top 3 vlogger collaboration palettes.


Carli Bybel

carli-bybel-bh-cosmeticsThe first of these palettes to be released was the Carli Bybel palette from BH Cosmetics which sold out very quickly on it’s first day of release. Since BH eventually got it back in stock though they’ve done an excellent job of keeping up with demand for this gorgeous palette.

Carli is a New Jersey based beauty and fashion vlogger who has a large and loyal following of fans.
The palette reflects Carli’s elegant tastes and contains 25866536273_a723d7c77e_m10 eyeshadows and 4 larger pans that can be used as
either shadows or highlighters. The palette is well chosen and suits all skin tones from delicately pale girls right through to gorgeously brown girls. I particularly love the plum-purple shades over on the right of the top row and the palest highlighter shade. For the price this is an amazing palette, I’ve never seen it priced higher than about $12.99 (roughly £9.14) although BH say the full price is $20.

Manny MUA


This has to be the hottest and most wanted vlogger collaboration palette there has been!
It sold out in minutes on it’s first release and pre-orders for the second batch were taken in batches by emailing people who had put their names down. It’s currently sold out again at the moment but apparently more are coming.
Everybody, even people who aren’t huge Manny fans, wants this palette! Makeup Geek have an amazing reputation for high quality make-up at affordable prices 26469916385_534c4cb937_mso it’s no wonder everyone wants to snap up everything Marlena (a vlogger herself) puts out.

Manny Gutierrez is a California based make-up vlogger with well over a million subscribers. He posts some amazing tutorials as well as collaborating with other vloggers and having fun. He designed this stunning palette to contain both everyday and some more bold shades (to match his personality!) and the palette also makes use of all the available finishes from Makeup Geek – matte, shimmer, duo-chrome and foil. This has to be my personal favourite of the three palettes here for colour-payoff and shade choice. I hope that the beautiful deep red shade ‘Mars’ becomes a permanent feature over at Makeup Geek, the world needs that colour. Manny has also collaborated with Gerard cosmetics to create a shade of liquid lipstick named ‘Serenity’.
The Manny MUA palette is priced $45 which is roughly £31.70 at the moment.


a2The newest vlogger palette on the scene this was only released earlier this month. Designed by New Zealand vlogger Shannon Harris better known as ‘Shaaanxo’ together with BH Cosmetics this palette is unusually double sided and contains 9 lipstick shades as well as 9 generously sized eyeshadow pans.

I have to admit I wasn’t at all familiar with Shaaanxo before this palette was announced but I really liked the 25865295784_9146fe869f_mlook of the eye shadow side of the palette so I looked her and it up. She is the most subscribed vlogger from New Zealand and has her own online business selling brushes and lashes. She has previously collaborated with ColourPop on a set of 4 eyeshadows celebrating their entry in to the market in Australia and New Zealand.
The eye palette has a good mix of tones and finishes with one shade being a brown/green duo-chrome. I particularly like the terracotta matte on the middle row.
The lip palette has a good range of shades, the formula 26377874562_a6197cee61_mhowever really lets it down as it’s very glossy and sticky rather than creamy and lipsticky and the colour you see in the pan is not the colour you get on your skin.For example
the shade in the middle of the bottom row looks like a lovely red, what I got when I swatched it was more of a fluorescent pink – a little the shade as photographed on the right of the middle row only more fuschia. Quite disappointing on that front even if you never use the lip half of the palette you still have 9 great shadows for a tenner.
The palette is selling for a ‘sale price’ of $14.50 (roughly £10.20) with BH saying the full price is $22.

Other Collaborations

jaclyn-4Ever popular Jaclyn Hill did a collaboration palette with Morphe Brushes a while back, unfortunately you can’t get this palette any more although I believe you can still get some of the shades as individual pans. She has since gone on to collaborate with Becca and create the cult highlighter shade ‘Champagne Pop’ and there’s a rumour that she’s also working with Marlena of Makeup Geek to produce a 9 pan palette.
25790578011_1904431cf7_mShe’s not a YouTube vlogger but worth a quick mention is the recent collaboration between The British Beauty Blogger aka Jane Cunningham and Makeup Revolution, I reviewed ‘Fortune Favours the Brave‘ a few weeks ago so do click over and have a look.

In other news, the autumn will see another huge vlogger collab palette – Nikkie of ‘Nikkie Tutorials’ is working with Too Faced! It’s going to be huge, I want one already and I haven’t even seen it… I hope Too Faced are well prepared for extremely high demand!

If you would like me to do a more in depth post on any of these three palettes with swatches do let me know in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook and I will get right on it!

Makeup Revolution Lip Euphoria

‘Lip Euphoria’ is another recent launch from Makeup Revolution that I’m just catching up on. It doesn’t seem to have made it into my local Superdrug yet so, lipstick junkie that I am, I ordered a couple of them online to have a bit of an investigate.

When it comes to MUR their lip products other than actual lipsticks have always been good experiences for me, I really like their liquid lipsticks (‘Velvet Lip Lacquer’) and I’ve had a very highly pigmented red gloss from them that came in set at Christmas so I have high hopes for these!

Lip Euphoria is sold as a lipstick/lip-gloss hybrid product with all of the benefits of both products. So I’m expecting a high pigment, high-shine, non-setting liquid lip product. I ordered the shades ‘Aura’ and ‘Fortune’ based on the website photos – I do like my berry shades!

The product reminds me quite a bit of the Illamasqua intense lip glosses in that it’s a very sticky, viscose gloss product with a lot of pigment. It’s comfortable on the lips and looks absolutely great but does have all of the downfalls of gloss including transfer, stickiness and moveability. I did find that it lasted quite well though – even when having a drink – especially in the darker shade.
It’s a very similar product in many ways to that red gloss I got in the Christmas ‘Colour Block’ set in fact. Overall I’m not sure how often I’ll wear these right now but I like the colours enough to persist, maybe as we move into summer a more glossy lip might be just what I want whereas right now it still feels quite wintery and cold.

The Swatches




25798644881_e5a5e8a800_m (1)I did lip swatches again for these glosses as I liked the way the previous ones came out; I think it’s interesting to see how the shade is affected by the lips’ own natural colouring underneath. Let me know in the comments if you think I should carry on with doing these or just stick to the usual type of back of the wrist swatches in future posts. I don’t want to be terrifying anyone!
‘Aura’ is described by MUR as being rose toned, however, to my eye it has a slightly corally or even orangey tint to it depending on the light which wasn’t really what I was expecting but is still lovely. ‘Fortune’ is a berry red shade.

Have you tried Lip Euphoria? Are you a gloss girl or a lipstick lady?