Skincare: Dry or De-Hydrated?

Anatomy of the Skin

Anatomy of the SkinSkincare manufacturers don’t help people’s confusion of these two differing skin conditions by frequently lumping them together and giving the impression that they are the same thing.
The two, however, have totally different causes mechanically within the skin it’s self. They also occur in the population at vastly different rates. Once you know the difference, they are a lot easier to care for and de-hydration can even be completely resolved with the right products.

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Sleek Lip VIP Swatches and Review

Everyone has been talking about these new full coverage semi-matte lip colours from Sleek cosmetics. ‘Lip VIP’ comes in six vibrant shades and contains vitamin E, shea butter and coconut oil to moisturise and nourish your lips.

Sleek MakeupVIP Review2

From left to right: ‘Night Spot’, ‘Flaunt It’, ‘Backstage’, ‘Guest List’, ‘Private Booth’ and ‘Reserved’.

I’ve done my best to capture the shades genuine colours in sunlight, many swatches online show ‘Back Stage’ (third from left) for instance as a dusty pink which it most ┬ádefinitely is not, it is in fact a definite coral shade and I would not describe it as pink. Swatched under the fluorescent lights of the store they looked different again and Sleek’s marketing campaign has been making much of how different the shades look on different skin tones. These are quite the little chameleons!

As you can see they are very strong and very bright colours, highly pigmented – very nice swatching experience too especially when compared to previous mattes by Sleek which I found dragged unpleasantly. These don’t even remotely resemble those, you wouldn’t think they were made by the same company!
On the lips this lipstick feels quick thick and balmy and does move around unlike fully-matte lipsticks so it will need touching up occasionally. It does still require lips to be in good condition in the first place as it highlights any dry areas quite strongly I found which is a bit of a bummer for such a creamy lipstick full of so many moisturising ingredients. My dry winter lips were very much emphasised by the thick formula.

I think the shade range as a whole will be most suited to darker skins as there’s a lot of orangey tones in this range which can be difficult to carry off well if you’re more of an English Rose type like myself – but there’s at least one shade for everyone in the range. Use a sugar scrub to exfoliate the dry skin from your lips before wearing, Wilkinsons do a good one for very little money.

Kath x