#NOTD Gold Tipped French Mani + Update

No, I haven’t died – I’ve just been super busy! I’ve been offered a place at university for September which is going to mean a lot of changes in my life so my head has been all over the place. Still, studying up to date special effects make-up, proper prosthetics, wig making and a few other creative and useful things for four years is a very exciting prospect. I need to have an assessment of my disability for them to work out my support needs and options to be able to complete the course.


Anyway enough of me prattling on, lets get on with the nails! Yes that’s right, nails. Since I’m no longer at college under City & Guilds rules I can paint my nails with abandon. I’ve grown them back a bit, not too much as I still need to be able to paint, draw and of course do make-up but there’s plenty to paint now especially since I’m luckily blessed with long nail beds (which are now completely back to normal for my long term readers) even if I do have a horrific C curve.

I don’t think I did a bad job of free-handing the French tips considering it’s the first time I’ve done my own in over a year. I always paint them lower than the free edge actually goes to give the illusion of more length.

Just recently I’ve been using a peel off base coat which is a fairly new discovery. I’m quite taken with it as it means I can take off the polish without using remover and you get to be allowed to pick it!

Polishes used:

  • UNT Cosmetics; ‘Ready For Take Off’ (peel off base coat)
  • Butter London; ‘Nail Foundation (regular base coat)
  • Nails Inc; nail kale in ‘Westbourne Park Road’
  • Essence; gel nail polish in ’44 On Air!’
  • Revlon; ‘Sequins’ (pretty sure this was limited edition but it just gold glitter of various sizes in a base of clear polish.)
  • Seche Vite (top coat)

I hope you are all keeping well, I do have a couple of posts planned including details of my visit to the first Manchester Make-Up and Body Art Expo and a couple of product reviews.

Kath x

#NOTD Glitter Gel Mani

Glitter Gel Nails

My first home gel mani since since getting my certification in the technique! I still need to keep practicing with the top coat as I find it very thin and runny (weirdly) so it’s all too easy to flood the nail wall. I added some fine craft glitter into this mani to sparkle it up a bit more:


I used the Red Carpet Manicure system and a small LED lamp, I’m upgrading to a larger better lamp for my birthday in a few days time. It will be nice to get the better lamp and not have to do the thumb separately or end up with uncured parts on the edges of my very curved pinkie nail.

#NOTD Butterflies & Flowers

I eventually came to a decision, I decided to try out some of the foil from Born Pretty Store as I haven’t actually used transfer foil before. I’m quite pleased with the result too. I added some little gems to certain points in the design to jazz it up a bit, each nail is completely different to the next but at the same time matches perfectly.


I had no trouble using either the glue or the foil from Born Pretty, judging when the glue was ready to go was quite tough because I chose a white background but I got there. As with most lash glues it starts off white and you have to wait for it to go clear and tacky before application. For my top coat I used Lottie London ‘So Gel’ to provide a slightly thicker layer around my gems and help prevent knocking them off as well as to give a good shine. It’s supposed to look like gel polish but to my eye it doesn’t it just looks like normal top coat, it does wear very well though.


This is my dominant hand which rarely comes out as well as the other but it’s looking pretty good with this method. If you want an intricate design like this but aren’t great at free hand painting or stamping I would definitely recommend giving transfer foil a bash.

I think I’ll try and do a slightly more seasonal mani next time though, this is very summery but the weather outside is absolutely frightful! It’s blowing a gale strong enough to bend the trees double.

#NOTD ‘If The Slipper Fits…’

If The Slipper Fits

I got a bit of a sale bargain at Sally’s so that’s what I’ve been wearing on my nails this weekend, the polish is ‘If The Slipper Fits’ from Morgan Taylor which was from their Cinderella collection. If you hurry you might be able to get one of the last few bottles but as this was a limited edition once it’s gone it’s gone!


And here it is again with more light so you can see just how sparkly it is! The flash created heaps of shadows behind me but really brought out that glitter.


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#NOTD Mermaid Nails

Mermaid Manicure

23648555753_9c8fda85b1_zIt’s the weekend so I can paint my nails, woohoo! This time I have used China Glaze polish in “Don’t Get Elfed Up” and mermaid decals from Born Pretty. I don’t often use decals for all of the nails like this as I feel it is a bit like cheating in a way but I really liked these ones sooo… I made an exception!

I’m off to go do my toes now, I’m a sucker for very bright colours on my toes. I think something with a bit of glitter this time will be right up my street.