A Guide To Setting and Finishing Products

Setting and Finishing ProductsSomething I come across quite often is the confusion between setting and finishing. What they mean, what the products do and how to use them.

If you were to reach into your make-up bag right now, chances are there’s a powder of some kind, right?
Be it loose or pressed, labelled as setting or finishing you’ll definitely own at least one of the critters.

Powder is one of the oldest forms of face make-up and we still use it by the ton even today, but now there are more options to choose from than ever before. Naturally, it’s easy to get a bit overtaken by it all! I’m going to set out the differences between the two types of product. Continue reading

2016 Favourites (and Failures!)

For this post I’ve come up with 4 products I have loved this year and another 3 I have disliked and thrown or given away.

It’s quite disappointing that I couldn’t find more make-up ‘loves’ out of all the new products that came out in 2016. The consumer brands all seem to be producing the exact same things as one another, endless ‘dupes’ and copying – it’s all a bit well, meh.

Then there’s the fact that there are only so many contour palettes with dozens of shades anyone needs  *cough*the answer is none!*cough* Banana powder will never suit pale ladies no matter how hard the now multiple brands producing it try to push it. In 2017 – lets do something different huh? Continue reading

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone: Purple Lipstick

Purple Lipstick Line UpA little while ago I discovered purple lipstick. Yes, purple.
I’d always liked my berry shades but I’d always steered clear of going as far as a full on purple so I was surprised at how wearable some purple shades were and how much it actually suited me! I wanted to share my new found love of purple lippie with you lovely lot so out came this post. Continue reading

NYX Hot Singles Refills!

26624548453_9df0f5c0d7_zMy NYX de-potting woes are over! Hurrah!

NYX are notoriously one of the hardest individual eye shadow brands to de-pot but they have now released refillable palettes (4 pan and 9 pan) as well as shadow refills! Now we don’t have to worry about melting plastic or tooth floss or prying and breaking the delicate pans, we can just buy a refill and drop it straight into an existing customisable palette such as a Z-Palette. Hoorah!
The new pans are also magnetic so no more need to use the little stickers from Z-Palette to get the pans to ‘stick’ properly which is another great plus point.

Continue reading

NYX Crystal Liquid Liner

Those of you don’t follow me on Twitter or Instagram won’t have seen my pictures of this amazing eye liner in action. I’m absolutely in love with this product and would truly wear it every day if I could!


It’s available in a wide variety of colour options and has great colour pay-off. My favourite shade so far is the gold as it really helps bring out the green of my eyes and works very well with a lot of other colours. Silver is coming in as another favourite for similar reasons.

Here are two different applications I have posted on Instagram of the ‘champagne’ & ‘gold’ colourways, I really wish I had bothered to put some falsies on:


Applied here in ‘Champagne’ along with MAC Fluidline in ‘Macroviolet’, Barry M Dazzle Dust in the inner corner and on the brow bone with a soft wash of taupe shadow from one of my MUR palettes.


Applied here in ‘Gold’ along with NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner, Tarte eyeshadows and Benefit They’re Real! mascara.

The product is very long-wearing and stays put all day, I haven’t experienced any flaking or cracking of the product in the several times I’ve worn it all day and have been able to remove the glitter safely and easily with eye make-up remover and pads.
I have’t experienced any irritation at all from this product but I know others have so I recommend trying one shade first to try out rather than going nuts and buying them all straight away! As ever it’s important to very careful with all glitter products around the eyes, ensure that the product is fully adhered and remove carefully so as not to push any particles of plastic into the eye where they could cause damage however small they are.

25913141583_7db57159d2_zIn comparison to the other glitter liners I’ve tried these have to be the best. They come in the widest range of shades, have better colour pay-off and you can layer them up if you do need more product. They outperform the high-end Urban Decay version and make the super cheap Collection version look like children’s make-up.

Are you following me on Instagram? Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to post up a tutorial for the liner shown in the photos.