A Guide To Setting and Finishing Products

Setting and Finishing ProductsSomething I come across quite often is the confusion between setting and finishing. What they mean, what the products do and how to use them.

If you were to reach into your make-up bag right now, chances are there’s a powder of some kind, right?
Be it loose or pressed, labelled as setting or finishing you’ll definitely own at least one of the critters.

Powder is one of the oldest forms of face make-up and we still use it by the ton even today, but now there are more options to choose from than ever before. Naturally, it’s easy to get a bit overtaken by it all! I’m going to set out the differences between the two types of product. Continue reading

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters

I had steered clear of these previously thinking that coloured highlighters wouldn’t look so good on pale skin but I was surprised to find that these actually work quite well.


I have three shades of this easy-on-the-pocket highlighter to try out, they are ‘Iridescent Gold’, ‘Pink Shimmer’ and ‘Opalescent Amber’.

26996299956_b430d76257_m‘Iridescent Gold’ is the most immediately noticeable and strong of the three powders when it comes to finger swatches as it has quite a strong white base to it. It’s also the most glittery of the three.
I think this could double up very well as an inner corner highlight to go with your eyeshadows. As it’s quite a pale gold rather than blasting the yellow I think this is actually surprisingly pale girl friendly.

‘Pink Shimmer’ appeared to me to be the subtlest of the three shades in terms of pigment and blended very well 26424090124_d413e88990_mwith my pale skin. I can see this being quite a versatile shade and suiting quite a wide variety of people depending on the look they were aiming for. I would definitely say this shade was pale girl friendly despite my initial concerns about coloured highlighters. This picks up the cool tones in my skin and pulls them forward which is quite interesting.

‘Opalescent Amber’ seemed less glittery than the
lighter two shades and more of a pearl finish by comparison. On my skin it was more of a shimmery blush than a highlight, I think this one will perhaps come into it’s own on darker skins.

26935526232_0108e3c25b_mTexture wise they all feel surprisingly rough to the touch while in the pan but at £3 for a massive 7.5g of product I don’t think we can expect them to be as finely milled as high-end powder highlighters like those from MAC or Becca.
There is a fourth shade in the range (‘Radiant Cashmere’) but I haven’t found it in stock anywhere to swatch it or purchase it. I was lucky enough to get these ones as part of a multi-buy offer. Just guessing from the images online I would think it would fall somewhere in between ‘Shimmering Pink and ‘Opalescent Amber’.

The Swatches


Swatched left to right are ‘Iridescent Gold’, ‘Pink Shimmer’ and ‘Opalescent Amber’. You can click on the image (or any image in this post) to enlarge it.

The one that picks up best on camera and is also the most noticeable in person is by far the gold shade while the other two are much more subtle with Amber actually looking more like a blush shade. It does have a sheen that isn’t picking up here but  it’s not super shiny at all.
Amber would provide a glowing blush for someone of my skin tone rather than a highlight.

Packaging wise these come in white plastic compacts with clear lids that I personally am finding very difficult to open! Not something I want to be struggling with and breaking nails on first thing in a morning trying to get into it. The lids of the compacts in particular feel as though they wouldn’t take much in the way of banging around in a make-up bag, they feel quite brittle and like they could shatter if dropped. The packaging is obviously very cheaply produced but then I did already mention the price point so…. Anyway I might try de-potting them into another container that’s easier for me to use and get into!

Have you tried these highlighters? If I was to try another coloured highlight what would you recommend?

Kath x

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Autograph

Rosie-campaign-shotRosie Huntington-Whiteley, English model and actress, has launched her own make-up collection exclusively for Marks & Spencer as a continuation of the ‘Rosie for Autograph’ label which already boasts lingerie, perfumes, sleepwear and even active wear.
There’s definitely something in the collection to suit everyone; you can find products for following contouring and strobing trends beside more traditional products too. Gorgeous neutral eye palettes, cream to powder blush that you can even apply with a brush, cream shadow sticks in selection of tasteful shades and some gorgeous eye liner pencils.

Rosie for Autograph

Those who like beautiful packaging on their make-up products will not be disappointed by this range. Most of the range is packaged in a beautiful metallic rose gold and just a few small items such as eye pencils vary from this theme. The lipsticks also have a pleasing magnetic closure to the lid so you won’t have to worry about it popping off while in your bag – great idea Rosie!

Highlights of the collection (no pun intended, honest!) for me include the highlighting loose powder, highlighter stick and creamy eye shadow sticks. I’ll do a second post with reviews and swatches of the the products I’ve added to my collection some time next week so look out for that.