Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist Review

Pixi Hydrating Milky MistI’ve been using this spray toner/mist for quite some time now and having re-purchased I thought it was time to finally write that promised review.

This toner costs £18 for 80ml and is packaged with a pump – hooray modernity!

The brand doesn’t seem to have many UK stockists but you can get it online or hunt it down in some branches of M&S.
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2016 Favourites (and Failures!)

For this post I’ve come up with 4 products I have loved this year and another 3 I have disliked and thrown or given away.

It’s quite disappointing that I couldn’t find more make-up ‘loves’ out of all the new products that came out in 2016. The consumer brands all seem to be producing the exact same things as one another, endless ‘dupes’ and copying – it’s all a bit well, meh.

Then there’s the fact that there are only so many contour palettes with dozens of shades anyone needs  *cough*the answer is none!*cough* Banana powder will never suit pale ladies no matter how hard the now multiple brands producing it try to push it. In 2017 – lets do something different huh? Continue reading

QVC Beauty Box! TILI

QVC have gotten in on the beauty box action and I managed to get hold of one of the second instalment of their TILI box.


TILI stands for ‘Try it love it!’ which is a phrase/guarantee QVC have been using for a while now so it makes sense that they’ve used it as the name of their in-house beauty box. The box comes in at £20 including postage and packing which I must say is an absolute bargain for what you get in it. Continue reading

5 Ways To Find Time For Skin Care

We’re all such busy people these days that one of the things I seem to hear a lot is that people just can’t find the time for a proper skin care routine.
Whether your a working mother, a spoonie like myself or a high flying career woman there is often very little time during the course of a day to put any effort into your beauty routines.

SPF, moisturisers, day cream, night cream, toners, acid toners, cleansers, masks, facial oils … juggling what to use and how often to use each as well as weighing up the possible benefits of ingredients that are available in different products can all seem very overwhelming. Once you’ve chosen your products how do you find the time to fit them all in every day?

There’s a huge range of skin care products available!

I’ve put together some time saving tips to help you get the best out of your products and fit everything in!

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