Welcome to My New Home!

ISuitcases-1‘ve tried to keep most of the furniture in the same places for now while we all get the hang of the new location and changes that require to come with it.

Update: I have now added the ability to subscribe to my blog via email! If you want to sign up you can do so from the sidebar on the right on any page. I have now ported across all you WordPress.com followers so┬áif you were already following me at the old address via your WordPress account you don’t need to re-subscribe as you should automatically receive emails.

You can also follow and ‘like’ via platforms such as Bloglovin’, Facebook, Feedly or even Twitter and I do pin all of my blog posts over on Pinterest too! There are links for all of these options in the sidebar on the right.

Hopefully I won’t have too many glitches and we’ll all enjoy BendyBeauty.com!