Anti-Haul! AKA What I’m Not Gonna Buy

Anti-haulAnti-hauls are a trend that’s taken off on YouTube thanks to the amazing and socially conscious vlogger Kimberly Clark. If you haven’t checked her out on the ‘tube you really should, she’s one of the few channels I subscribe to.

So these are the products and brands that came to mind as things that for one reason or another I am not going to buy! I don’t have a theme for this selection it’s just what came to mind or is bothering me at the moment. So without further ado, these are what I’m not going to be buying: Continue reading

Violet Voss Drenched Metal

Following on from the Holy Grail palette is the new Drenched Metal palette which features a range of 20 shades mostly shimmers this time with only 2 mattes in the palette and one of those has micro glitter in it!


This one tries to buck the current neutral trend though doesn’t quite manage it completely. It does however bring us some pops of colour including vibrant blue, green and purple shades as well as the more neutral tones and a couple of duochrome shadows too.

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