Oh Noes, Not The Lurgy!

Oh! Lurgy!
Image from Clover-vintage

This week I’ve had a new sofa delivered  (woo!); and created fake severed fingers and a full severed hand from latex as Halloween props. Unfortunately I’ve also managed to pick up the lurgy somewhere along the way so I’m not sure I’m going to need a costume! My glands currently look like huge bolts in my neck… Continue reading

QVC Beauty Box! TILI


QVC have gotten in on the beauty box action and I managed to get hold of one of the second instalment of their TILI box.


TILI stands for ‘Try it love it!’ which is a phrase/guarantee QVC have been using for a while now so it makes sense that they’ve used it as the name of their in-house beauty box. The box comes in at £20 including postage and packing which I must say is an absolute bargain for what you get in it. Continue reading

Elizabeth Arden Hydra-Splash Toner

Hydra Splash Toner

Hydra-Splash TonerThis toner is an alcohol free toner for normal to dry skins. When I found it at a reduced price I popped it into my basket to give it a whirl!

Elizabeth Arden produce a wide range of anti-ageing skincare items. Some of them are well established and very well-known such as the ‘8 Hour Cream’ and others newer innovations.

Also available from the brand is an alcohol free ‘Skin Balancing’ toner for combination skins. Continue reading